Wooden card case 【Labrador retriever】 Labrador Retriver


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  • Laser cut and created by hand,
    It is "Wood Card Case".

    In and out of the card is a simple structure just to remove the string.

    It is not suitable for usage which puts and removes the inside card frequently,
    Since it is a structure to fix with a string, the card never falls.

    The train ticket gate will react with keeping the card in the case! It is!
    It is also popular for commuting such as commuting and school.

    ■ Supported card size
    One 54 x 87 mm card enters.
    Confirmed cards "suica" "pasmo" "nanaco"
    Other similar credit card size is OK! It is!

    ■ Corrugated Skin Flat Strap (3mm in width and 20cm in length with Plavies)

    · Wood wood walnut (Walnut)
    · Finishing oil finish
    - Size size 67 mm x 103 mm x 7.5 mm
    String string 3 mm x 20 cm
    Weight weight 25 to 30 g

    ※ The price is one price.

    ※ Photo IC card is for shooting.

    ※ The photos are for shooting purposes The grain of the products we deliver is somewhat different, but the design is exactly the same.
    Please note.
    Production place / Production method
    Saga Japan / Handmade
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Wooden card case 【Labrador retriever】 Labrador Retriver

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