Blacksmith's iron frying pan M

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Iron is divided into "iron casting (casting)" made by pouring iron into a casting mold, such as iron bottle, and "forging (forging)" by tapping and stamping. It is a frying pan by Kaneko of a smith craftsman.



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Blacksmith's iron frying pan M


PINT also popular material, frying pan / pot series added to iron. Iron is divided into "iron casting (casting)" made by pouring iron into a casting mold, such as iron bottle, and "forging (forging)" by tapping and stamping. In forging, I made a kitchen knife of knife and iron chopstick restraint and introduced it. It is a frying pan by Kaneko of a smith craftworker who is making iron chopstick rest. Kaneko's frying pan is characterized by its thinness. Heat one sheet of iron at high temperature, hit it, make edge, create height while also producing three-dimensional. Since the part of the hand is also the same one iron plate, the possession is not separate parts, all are integrated type. Therefore, it is literally a feeling of unity to use. Squeezing It is hard to make this shape, but there is strength that is unique to one simple material. Also, because it is made thin, it is also a nice place to have less weight than it looks. The material is "iron" itself. Heat conduction is good, and meat and vegetables are also transmitted uniformly in a short time. The easiest to imagine the simplest is the deliciousness of simple teppanyaki at festival opening and outdoor. As meat baked with hot iron plate, vegetables, fried noodles, etc. are all delicious after all. It is also recommended for dishes that simply made use of the taste of ingredients. As a feature of the shape of this frying pan, it is made slightly deep, so you can use it for cooking various frying pan as well as stir-fry. It is also available in IH. I think that there are many worries such as handling and care, so I will introduce the important points. "About hands" Since the hand is also iron, it gets hot when it is used at high temperature. Please wear it with a cloth etc and use it. Although it is a personal use example for me, if it is a low heat we can have it even without a cloth width, but when using it please be careful of burn injuries. "I feel dizzy" In this point, first heat the frying pan and then draw the oil and draw the ingredients. It is important that you put the heat at first firmly. Because the heat conduction is high, adjustment is necessary by dropping the thermal power during cooking. Since I need a different way of associating with frying pan of teflon processing, I think that you can get used to using it. "Caring after use" We are doing oil burning finish at the time of production, so you can use it as soon as you reach it. Because this oil-baked finish is done, it becomes a coating film and becomes familiar and protects iron. It is recommended that you wash with a bundle or brush without using detergent. Oil used for cooking remains, it becomes a coating film. With this method, you do not paint oil after washing. There is no surface finishing etc, so you can wash and scrub strongly. It is okay if you use a detergent if you are worried about the smell and so on. "After washing" Although it has a coating film of oil, it is iron, so it is easier to take water as quickly as possible. There is no problem even if you wipe it with a cloth, but it is quick and reliable to fire on the fire with a stove. In case of using detergent when washing, oil is also taken, so it is safe to let the oil get familiar with cloth edge and so on. (It is unnecessary when detergent is not used) It is not special dealings so far as you go out with drinking together with an iron bottle, so I would be happy if you could try without fear. Please do not hesitate to contact us regarding any concerns regarding handling. If you take care of this point, it is a really long tool to use. I would be happy if you could use it while raising to yourself and having fun.


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