Pure white sunflower iPhone case notebook type smartphone case


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    I am making a unique smartphone case that is not found anywhere.
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    ● Number of days from shipment to arrival.

    From japan to Hong Kong 7 days
    japan → Taiwan 6days
    From japan to China 9 days

    * Because it is making with a single cloth, all the patterns are different. I am cutting it out so that it looks beautiful, but please understand in advance.

    ■ This page is only for iPhoneX, iPhone8, iPhone7, iPhone6, iPhone6s, iPhoneSE, iPhone5, iPhone5s, iPhone5SE, iPhone6plus, iPhone6splus, iPhone7plus, iPhone8plus, size.

    ■ I used a cloth called Liberty Print · small Sus.
    I used a laminate fabric to make a notebook type smartphone case.
    It is a Liberty fabric of plants with beautiful sophisticated sunflowers drawn.

    Flowers and delicate cream-colored liberty laminate fabrics, white-like pearls are finished in elegant and noble atmosphere, delicate thin lines are drawn. Pure white synthetic leather sewing

    ■ Inside, brown synthetic leather is used. Card pocket inside. It is convenient to put a parking ticket or credit card.

    ■ It is a button type smartphone case. The case body of the smartphone uses a soft case made of TPU material.

    in case

    ● Genuine leather, fabric material, artificial leather material, if you touch a sharp object may crack.
    We use high quality ones, but they may melt or crack by heat or abrasion.
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Pure white sunflower iPhone case notebook type smartphone case

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