Spring of memories

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Calm dry flower color lease type brooch


Heart Bouquet

Heart Bouquet 逛设计馆

7 日以上
Spring of memories


It is a brooch that imaged a lease of a dry flower made from memories flowers, hanging on the deeply inserted wall of winter sunlight thinking of spring coming soon.

Sunset sunk into the gaps of the building from the west window deeply in a limited time around January.
The golden sunset dyes the room walls to warm orange.
I miss the spring, the cold The warm color you see when you are harsh is a special color that reminds me of the warmth of the coming spring.

I made a color shining in such a winter sunset.
I chose a little dull color beads as a simple and friendly dry flower shade.
Choose the color of the beads widely from the serene color taste somewhat close to the light graysh tone, there are also colorfulness while moderating.

Various large and small flowers and fruits parts are made by weaving small seed beads one by one.
It is like a lace knitting design that you can fully enjoy the delicacy of tegus knitting.

The elegant glossy pearl beads are made by Swarovski Corp. with a beautiful spherical shape without distortion.

Covering the outer circumference and the inner circumference with beads of color like vines that will be the foundation of the lease, so that the brooch pedestal does not peek as much as possible when looking at diagonally or sideways, I made a careful finish to the details.

Impression changes greatly depending on what you adjust.
When it matches a light color, it is a very natural impression ♪
The impression changes when it is adjusted to a dark color, and it turns into a slightly luxurious impression that the glow of the silver painted on the inside of the beads used for the leaf and pearl gold, floret is enhanced.
Please use it in various scenes.

It seems that you can accompany fashionable for a long time from autumn to spring ^ ^

As you can use with peace of mind, we will add one silicone brooch stopper.

◇ ◇ ◇

We are using silver coated beads.
Please be careful when using or storing.

Since it is producing by one point one by one, the arrangement and shape of the parts are somewhat different.

Parts are attached to the foundation with tegus.
Although it may be felt that it will move slightly, please use it with confidence because it keeps it so that it will not come off.

Because it is a delicate work, please handle carefully.

Material: glass, nylon, metal
Size: Vertical about 6 cm × side approximately 7 cm


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