Small bread cut knife 12cm

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It is a short bread knife kitchen knife made by Matsunori Akahata, a craftsmen of Matsusaka cutting blades in Mie prefec



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Small bread cut knife 12cm


It is a short bread knife kitchen knife made by Matsunori Akahata, a craftsmen of Matsusaka cutting blades in Mie prefecture. Unlike mass-produced knives, it is a striking knife that shapes steel one by one at the work of a so-called blacksmith.

Cutting tool with a long history that weapons such as agricultural tools and Japanese swords have been made. As familiar, it is used in kitchen knives, especially Japanese-style knives in Japanese cuisine. For that reason, so-called culture kitchen knife (Sandegu kitchen knife), including vegetarian knife and knife cutter etc are made relatively well.

This kitchen knife is very unusual in bread making of such striking knife, bread knife kitchen knife.

As an unusual reason, brazed knife of bread cutting knife. After finishing the blade, there is a step of scraping out this knurl one by one with diamond rasp, which is different from what is called cutter blade manufacturing. Therefore, most of the craftsmen says that knives are made with striking blades but bread knives are not made.

On the other hand, a commercially available bread knife kitchen is called a punching blade, and it becomes a mass production type knife which manufactures blades by die cutting steel with a machine. At the time of the knife, it is of a different kind. Machine production, so it may be easier to produce bread knives with that flow.

Mr. Akahata who is manufacturing this bread knife is making various notes related to iron as well as knife, and handle of kitchen knife is made by himself. The wide range of processing technology unique to Akahata produces bread knives kitchen knife.

Kitchen knife made by forged welding iron and steel, forged one by one. Not only sharpness but also the feeling when you take it in hand and the texture that increases while you use it is the unique charm of a knife that is carefully built.

Bread cut knives are mass-produced goods, but they are used every day. Since the object to be cut is also bread, the damage of the blade is small, it can be used for a long time. It makes dining table with everyday bread even more enjoyable.

▼ size
There are two sizes, and the work of this page is a small size. Although bread knife kitchen knife of this size is not quite, it is very convenient to use. Length is necessary when cutting bread and large campagne, but to cut baguettes and small breads, it tends to have a long bread cut knife to cut. For those who do not normally eat bread, the short size here is perfect.

I often use this size in the morning when I eat baguet, because bread has to be cut at a shop or to buy what is being cut. I like cutting board and short bread knife kitchen knife, easy to eat as it is cut.

Although it is a short size, it is not a feeling like a knife that can be cut, but it is comfortable to use as a kitchen knife and reasonable weight. A blade that is finely adjusted and delicately attached diagonally is one of the reasons for ease of use.

Sharpening by Akahata will be accepted as well. We will accept round-trip shipping fee and actual expenses (depending on the degree, please consider about 1500 yen as a guide), so please do not hesitate to contact PINT.

Although it is a standard of sharpening, please examine it when it is felt that "It got sharp and dull and it became difficult to use" in ordinary use. Because it depends on frequency of use and environment, there are no guidelines for the period, such as ○ year later.
Rust can be dealt with with the following rust removing agent. Since it is not something that will require sharpening as soon as it gets rusted, please be relieved.


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