[Colors of summer] gold leaf & freshwater pearl earrings or earrings


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    I made images expressing the beauty of clear summer ☆
  • The beauty that gilt floats on the color of summer.

    Cherish transparent feeling through,

    Deep blue and light green overlap
    To a fantastic jewel.

    Fresh water pearl makes luxury and adult likeness
    It expresses it.

    Because it shakes with a hook type
    It is easy to match upstairs and hats ^ ^

    Because the form is round and rounded,
    It is pretty impression ^ ^

    Jewels are ArtRier's original,
    We are handmade one by one.

    The metal fittings
    · Earrings (Screw spring type)
    · Resin hook earrings (gold)
    · Resin Earrings
    · Titanium (will be post type)

    Because it is free changeable so
    If there is hope, a statement to the remarks column

    If there is no description
    We will prepare with pierced earrings.

    ▪ Material
    Freshwater pearl
    Resin, gold plating

    ▪ Size
    Under hook 3 × 0.7

    ■ Depending on your monitor and browser, the colors of the photos may look different.
    ■ I am carefully producing, but thank you for your understanding that it is handmade.
    ■ If you wish to change the metal fittings, please indicate to the remarks column when ordering.
    ■ Metal allergy · If you do not match the skin with plating process, please refrain from purchasing as it is.
    ■ If you have any other concerns, please do not hesitate to ask questions before ordering.
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[Colors of summer] gold leaf & freshwater pearl earrings or earrings

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