Snow Night Brooch Austrian Crystal Glass Pearl Flower Lover Acorn Wreath Silver Silver Gray Ash Snowflake Matching Link Coord

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Heart Bouquet
Heart Bouquet
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Snow Night Brooch Austrian Crystal Glass Pearl Flower Lover Acorn Wreath Silver Silver Gray Ash Snowflake Matching Link Coord


A wreath brooch inspired by a snowy night. The coldness of a snowy night is expressed by scattering sparkling Swarovski snowflake-motif stones and crystal beads. It is unique to bead type Swarovski crystals that catch light from various directions and shine. The 3 Silver pearls in 3 places are Swarovski pearls with a beautiful spherical shape without distortion, and the pearls decorating the center of the matte Silver flower are air pearls with a soft surface texture. The acorn and pine cone motifs add a little bit of cuteness ^^ Here, we have put together a chic and cool atmosphere, centering on dark Silver and gray. Recommended for those who like silver like platinum ♪ It would be greatly appreciated if you could use it while imagining the shining jewelry that goes well with the evening dress when you go out. A silicone brooch stopper is included for your peace of mind. The 6th image is taken with a postcard size paper. The 7th image is attached to the image of an almost life-size person. Please check the size The 5th image was taken with a mini size "small snowy night" that you can use easily. Check out "Little Snowy Night" here. You can enjoy coordinating "small snowy night" with a hat and "snowy night" with clothes, or wear "small snowy night" and "snowy night" as a link coordination for couples. It is also recommended to become The 9th image also shows a snowy scene. Please see the difference in color and atmosphere from "Snow Morning". Please note that there are some minor specification changes in the details of the design. "Snow Morning" is introduced here. We are making an emphasis on the design and placement of the table. For this reason, the direction of the brooch pin on the back side is slightly different for each item. There is a mixture of horizontal ones and slightly downward pin tips. We have taken into consideration the direction in which you can feel safe when wearing it (4th and 5th images). ☆Due to availability of parts, we have made some changes to the design. We will deliver the design of the 1st to 3rd images. We will introduce the previous design (bottom left of the 6th image) with a different flower motif with air pearls on another page. For customers who want to enjoy matching with "Little Snowy Night", we recommend the previous design. "Snowy Night" from the previous design Important materials for making "Yuki no Yoru" have already been discontinued. Both the previous design and this product are already running out of stock, so please take a look. ◇ ◇ ◇ This is a delicate piece, so please handle it with care. When storing, please put it in a plastic bag with a zipper so that the air is removed. If left exposed to air, the metal parts will tarnish due to oxidation. The pinecone motif is especially prone to discoloration because it is made of pewter. We ask for your consideration and understanding so that you can enjoy the silver color of your purchase for a long time. The parts are attached to the base with extremities. You may feel that it moves a little, but it is secured so that it will not come off, so please use it with confidence. There may be a gap of about 1 mm between the back cover due to installation reasons. Please use it with confidence because it is fastened so that it will not come off. It is difficult to see from the table. Because each piece is made by hand, the arrangement and shape of the parts may differ slightly. Beads are arranged so that the shower stand on the base is difficult to see, but due to the convenience of hooking the shower stand, the base may be visible around that part. Avoid using on clothing with conspicuous needle holes. Product images are taken in natural light unless otherwise noted. Material: glass, metal, nylon Size: Approximately 7 cm long x 6.5 cm wide


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The coldness of a snowy night is expressed with sparkling Swarovski crystals.


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