Lava stone, Amber, Clear Quartz Bracelet, 925 Sterling Silver, For Him

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Lava stone, Amber, Clear Quartz Bracelet, 925 Sterling Silver, For Him


Volcano is alive it is just sleeping... This silver bracelet is made for ones who needs an answer, a sign, an impulse for starting something new or moving forward. Life is not about running in circles. This is a spiral development. We need to observe our ups and downs in different spheres of life. This is the law of gradual evolution. But people tend to react emotionally and intensely to downturns, especially in work or financial performance. Only when we accept all our conditions we move faster to a new level of life. Lava stone, black and red amber, clear quartz 6 mm, 925 sterling silver, adjustable length. For him and for her. Lava Stone, Black and Red Amber, Clear Quartz bracelet, 925 Sterling silver This 925 men's bracelet is a perfect gift for friends, family or anyone close to you who was born under the signs Aries, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Leo. Each bead is unique. Please note the stones may contain natural inclusions. Lava Stone recovery, strength, protection from negative influences, purifies mind, body & soul, anger management, cold blood in stressful situation. Root chakra. Amber energy, speaking skills, leadership, attractiveness, sexuality, self confidence, joy of life. Svadhistana and Manipura Chakra Clear Quartz clarity & perspective, manifestation, master healer, energy amplifier. The crystal develops stamina, determination, patience. It helps in the spiritual life and clarifies the mind. Sahasrara chakra You will also receive a crystal description card that lists the basic properties of this crystal. Disclaimer No claims have been made about the suitability of the gemstones for healing or for curing diseases! I do not make any medical claim for any gemstones in my store. This is not medical advice. You may consult a qualified professional to do that. Size Please measure your wrist with measuring tape. You will get your size and I will add 1.5-2 cm and the extending chain so you will be able adjust bracelet length. STERLING SILVER 925 Sterling Silver is recommended to be polished from oxidation time to time. You can easily restore silver back to shine with a polishing cloth or a polishing lotion. It is recommended to take off your jewelry during water procedures, sports and physical activity. So the bracelet will serve you for a long time. Store your jewelry in a separate box. Eco-friendly packaging The product is packed in a craft gift box. All packaging materials are recycled Please feel free to contact me if you need a special message card for your friend or family! I will do it with pleasure. SHIPPING The shipping time does not include production time (the time I need to make your jewelry) I will do my best to make your order faster. Kat


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Exclusive limited edition Lava Stone bracelet! Natural gemstone and sterling silver, adjustable length, eco-friendly craft gift box, describing card. Get 15% off on two items or more!