Linen knit socks (white) Men's

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Linen knit socks (white) Men's


Rare in the world, linen knit (knitting) technology. Originally, Yamagata Prefecture Kenrando company that has continued long the production of knitwear collection brand around the wool, was completed by repeated research technology. Of linen weave, but there are a lot to handle Pint! But from conventional, linen knit is rarely seen. From a desire more expand the possibilities of linen, it was decided to Pint! But expand the linen knit product. Weaving and knitting, there is good in each, there is a suitable product. Who knit, also structural, it is born softness. In addition, linen is unlike cotton, it is less elastic yarn is a feature. It will have or in the linen features, but this is when you have to, such as clothes, for example, rather than growth, it seems that also felt a sense of tightness. Therefore, in a Pint! Linen weave products, less three-dimensional ones, such as clothes, cloth or handkerchief, stall, etc., has developed around the simple things of the plane. By the knitting structure, material while does not change, structural, tightness is reduced, comfortably worn. Water-absorbent, high linen in quick-drying both are perfect for socks. From spring to autumn is, of course, but had continued to wear even during the winter, will continue to wear comfortably. Because it contains the air, it brushes winter without problems. It will be impressions of the individual, but because not stuffy, is not cold feet while clean, is the impression that. In addition, the mouth portion of the sock is, without tight Simara with rubber, it will stop soft taking advantage of the knit structure. Tightening is not the type of socks is surprisingly low, comfort is very good. Even those who use the and cold socks, can wear overlaid If this, we have received also voice called. The socks can be active all year round, the pleasantness is hope you certainly can try once. Inner wear and clothes we Yuki also now introduce your little by little, but it is a start First from here socks. 【size】 mens F Size: 25 ~ 27cm 【Color】 Black (all six different colors) Material linen 90%, 9% polyester, polyurethane 1% Because we use natural materials, length, etc. Masu Li differ little on the product. Comfort, there is no use on the problem. 【Washing】 - Laundry net on the use, please use the washing machine. Hand washing is also possible, but the site by easily out variations in how it will be applied in the force for manual, we recommend washing machine wash with laundry net. Every time the knitted fabric to the wash, you come out softness little by little. [Manufacturing] Kenrando made in Japan


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