Manga navy blue polka dot shirt dress dress ivory 8812-4008-92

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1~3 日
Manga navy blue polka dot shirt dress dress ivory 8812-4008-92


It is a polka-dot one-piece dress using a material called Niigata Manganese Persimmon. The polka dot is a girl's everlasting pattern no matter how many. I want to be cute, but I don't want to be childish ... such a selfish one-on-one for girls! The small polka dots are flying randomly, and they have a girlish heart and a sense of adulthood, and you can match them with various coordinations because you don't over-assert them. First of all, it is the lightness of the fabric that you try to wear. And the silhouette made spacious. Breathability is also excellent and very cool. There is no doubt a big success from spring to summer! I would like you to go out in various places in the mood. <About the dough> It is a technique that requires craftsmanship, with only one processing station remaining in Niigata in the process of producing a pattern called Manganese Scarf. Unlike the polyester print fabric, there is a cool, shady feeling unique to hemp and a classy fall feeling of rayon. As you approach it and look at it, the inside of the polka dot is not completely filled with color. Only one vertical thread alternates with each other, "colored", "ground color" is repeated, is expressed like a rose. The appearance of the pattern is not too strong, making it a soft impression. Brown neps are in the ivory. <About design> A long shirt dress with a loose body, with a half sleeve and a small tie. Since there is a switch on the side and a tuck under the sleeve, it spreads toward the hem and the drape is out. A sense of size that can be layered down, the length is below knee length. <Recommended coordination> Because the surface of the fabric has fine irregularities, it is cool without sticking to the skin. There is not a sense of sheer, but it is recommended that you wear a camisole etc. below if you wear it in one piece. I think that it is good to have you match it with denim and chinopan even if it is combined with sandals with bare feet. I think that it is the most cute how to coordinate the straw hat and the basket bag together in summer! ! [Product specification] Material: Cotton Rayon-50% Cotton-30% Hemp-20% Country of Origin: Fabric-Made in Japan (Niigata) Sewing-Made in China Size: F (Free) Size Details Length-96 cm Length-47 cm Width-123 cm [How to Care] We recommend putting it in the net and washing with a weak washing machine or hand washing. Avoid using fluorescent bleach detergents.


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