Seychelles fairy white spotted paradise Fairy Turn paradise

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A brooch with a lovely white spot motif living in the Indian Ocean pearls and Seychelles


Seychelles fairy white spotted paradise Fairy Turn paradise


Living in the Indian Ocean pearls and Seychelles, it is a lovely pearl brood that motifs.
Heart Bouquet is a rare tropical style design ♪

White rhinocerosis is an adorable white bird with another name Fairy Turn.
In the pictures of the Seychelles and Bird Islands, is not there some people who saw a pair of crouch tidbits crawling alongside each other? . .
In this work as well, two Japanese white ruplets are cuddling together like this ^ ^

The palm tree and the white radwell were placed so that the branches where they stopped extend diagonally.
It is a composition with movement.

The forest where the sky, the sea and the birds live is expressed with various Czech beads and seed beads.
It is making clear blue light sky and blue, bright blue of the light blue ocean which reminds me of Paraiba tourmaline and neon blue apatite to different blue ^ ^
Forest green is represented by leaf-type beads, dagger beads with a small incision on a rare edge, expressive beads mixed green and blue-green, and so on.

It is difficult to collect too much if you collect beads to make one piece by one person ^ ^;
I hope you enjoy tasting the luxury of enjoying many kinds of beads little by little.

I added a white flower like plumeria, famous as a tropical flower in color, and a gorgeous pink flower that seems to shine in the sun in southern countries.

Does it enhance the atmosphere like the southern country? . . What?

In the flowers blooming in the branches where the birds stop, the rose-colored Swarovski crystal stone 1 stone shines gorgeily ^ ^

The brooch table uses silver color to make the transparent blue color of the bead look beautiful.
Tern and palm trees are gold color.

The paper under the bottom of the fifth photo is the size of the postcard.

I will put a silicone brooch stopper so that you can use it with confidence.

☆ White rooster lives also on Oahu Island in Hawaii and it seems to call it Manuokuu in the local language.
It seems that protection activities are being carefully treasured as precious birds that can be seen only in Honolulu.
It is also designated as a bird in Honolulu City. ☆

◇ ◇ ◇

Since it is producing by one point one by one, the arrangement and shape of the parts are somewhat different.

Czech beads use a mixture of multiple colors, and the way they appear is different.
Also, there are subtle differences in shape, scratches and dents on the surface, small bubbles inside.
Please understand it as a taste of Czech beads.
There is a difference as much as the picture 4 as the whole atmosphere.

We are using silver coated beads.
Please put in a plastic bag with zipper when storing.

Parts are attached to the foundation with tegus.
Although it may be felt that it will move slightly, please use it with confidence because it keeps it so that it will not come off.

Avoid using it for clothing where needle holes stand out.

Because it is a delicate work, please handle carefully.

Size: Vertical about 5.2 cm × width of about 5.7 cm
Material: glass, metal, nylon


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