Linen Knit Stripe Face Towel Yellow × White


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  • It is a towel of linen knit. Because of flat knitting, unlike satin type, it is characterized by a stubborn feel. It is a stripe pattern with two colors.

    There are plenty of scenes where the characteristics of linen knit can be utilized even in the bus, toilet and around the kitchen. It is a tactile feel soft and soft, so it works especially not only for hands but also around buses used for the face.

    Because it is linen, water absorption and quick-drying are high, and it is also a nice place to use it sanitarily.

    A light and soft towel is useful even when traveling.

    If it is a woven linen cloth, softness is hard to come unless it has been incorporated considerably, but this flat linen knitted towel is outstanding in softness and smoothness. Linen 's sharp feeling is small, so I'm happy if you can choose between your favorite and use scenes, such as linen cloth or another type of satin knitted towel.

    Linen also has various faces, depending on the type of thread and organization. We have plenty of PINT linen lineups, so if you can see them in various ways, I am happy.

    Linen knit product list

    【Size】 30cm × 90cm

    [Material] 100% hemp

    Washing machine available. We recommend using a laundry net.

    [Manufacturing] Kenland Made in Japan
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Linen Knit Stripe Face Towel Yellow × White

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