Original lapis lazuli & pearl's bangle lucky success luck! September / December birthstone

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Original lapis lazuli & pearl's bangle lucky success luck! September / December birthstone


~ ~ ~ ❄ + 300 yen wrapping possible ♪ ~ ~ ~ Make-to-order production: By 12 pm payment, it will be shipped within 3 days (except Saturday, Sunday and holiday) ************ Because of the popular stone, fakes are on the market, purchasing items that are not so expensive is not recommended (synthetic objects / stained objects / similar stones). Lapis lazuli is better in quality as impurities (pyrite) and white (calcite - calcite) are fewer Just as an exception, if you put the gold color of pearlite in a well-balanced way, you may get preference for preference but you will get a high reputation. Just like "stars of the night sky! It is a case of praising beauty and beauty. Original RALULU.SHU Limited It is a bangle of lapis lazuli & pearl made over time. Delicate and unique Even just one of us will upgrade the girls' power ~ ~ ~ Installation is also very easy! Correct attachment method: It can not be detached in the state where the back of the hand / palm is in front. Please see the arm / hand from the side. Instead of passing through your finger, put the bangle from the side of the wrist. While sliding it, push it to the back. Bangle installation complete! If you open the opening forcibly because it does not enter, it will cause deformation or damage. 繰り返 If you repeat bending and stretching vigorously, you may cause metal fatigue and break up, so please make fine adjustments only a little. Hardware part material: 14 kgf stone: Lapis lazuli: about 2.5 - 3 mm Freshwater pearl: about 2.5 - 3 mm Diameter: about 6 cm, corresponding to 14 to 16 cm around the wrist (size UP extra charge!) Width: 1 to 1.7 mm (not thick, be sure to check the actual size) On the design, there are cases of slight distortion or asymmetry. * As much as possible we are trying to shoot in colors close to the actual thing, but the impression changes according to the condition of light is the feature of natural stone. ************ Blue Goldhell December Birthstone Fortune: lucky success luck Stone language: guarantee of success, truth, sincere, heaven Stone's power: ▲ Try to harmonize relationships ▲ Punish evil, jealousy, anxiety ▲ Increase wisdom and insight, decision making and success Avoid owner from danger, give correct judgment and lead to success When wearing as an amulet for defending the everyday life, it was decided that it was good when looking back, with correct judgmental power even when you hit the problem, and it was told that it will lead to success and good luck and success luck It is a power stone of the meaning. Lapis lazuli, which was worshiped as "holy stone" from around the world since ancient times and loved by many people as "lucky charm" in the name of "Ruri stone" in Japan, was recognized as the first "power stone" in the world It is reported as a stone. Moreover, it is a power stone of the meaning of the mysterious "good luck and amulet succeeded luck" which can be said that there are times when it is said that change of the color informs of danger avoidance. Recommended at times like this When you want to overcome some difficulties now When you want to make your current job succeed When you want to focus on study Good luck charm As an amulet of danger avoidance ************ · K14GF (14 gold gold filed): Unlike thin gold plating of the gold layer, it is a gold layer of 1/20 weight of the base metal crimped with heat ************


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