Woodblock print / pullover one piece of organic cotton

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Woodblock print / pullover one piece of organic cotton


This is clothes of isica organic line.
We are making clothes for handicrafts such as woodblock printing / plant dyeing / embroidery on Lisa.

From now on for autumn, it is a pullover one piece of organic cotton that will be wearing crisply.

Worn with a stone wide in one piece, easy to balance the pullover.
It is one wear that you can wear to the daily, according to detailed pants etc.

The pattern of the sleeves is an original pattern stamped one by one.
The color is brown gold.
It is a color like brass when it was used a little.
For manual pushing, it is not uniform, subtle hoariness draws out the merit of manual work.

One piece has one right side pocket.

The button on the chest is made of pottery, it is a handmade piece of a writer.
It is moderately soft and thick with high-quality organic cotton material, wearing a long wear.

The wearing picture is 150 cm tall. Please see for your reference.

It will be approximately No. 9 to No. 13 size.
(The bust size is 130 and it is making it relaxed)

We produce as the basic height 160 cm. In that case the length of your sleeve will be 9 minutes long.

Material: 100% organic cotton

The hardness of the cloth is soft
Cloth thickness There is a little thickness
Texture of texture It is textured with texture.
Season Feel Spring / Autumn / Winter

【About handling】
Washing in the washing machine is possible.
It is a button of pottery, so we encourage you to put it in the net to wash and wrap it.
(For now, I have not broken (^ ^))
We also recommend detergents and natural products that do not contain bleaching agents.
There is no special precautions on the woodprint itself, so please handle it as usual.

It will be shipped from Bali, air mail, international registered service. It takes about two weeks from shipping to delivery from 10 days.

About woodblock printing

In clothing making isica-organic, I draw a pattern on cloth with woodblock printing.
Woodprint printing is one of the rare printing methods because it takes a lot of trouble and time.

First we carve the patterns one by one by hand carving. It is a work that takes a week to a month to carve one plate.

However, because of manual work, it is possible to freely change the combination of plates and colors, and it is also attractive to let infinite births of various patterns.

Also, in the process of stamping by hand one by one, subtle blurring and misalignment occur, and there are different charms from uniform industrial products.

Silk print has been done for many years, but now we are narrowing down to a single woodprint print.
The ink uses environmentally friendly aqueous ink.

Exorcise evil
To protect
Thinking of an important person

Since ancient times,
I think that the prayer of such people has created various patterns all around the world.

Isica original pattern, all the pattern of prayer.
Every one carefully making it


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