Hydrangea's American Pierced Earrings*Purple*

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Hydrangea's American Pierced Earrings*Purple*


It is a piercing made by processing real flowers. It is a pierced earring created by resin coating of hydrangea. Because it uses a small hydrangea leaf, it can be worn simply and casually. The swaying hydrating hydrangea pulls an eye. ⬇︎ The color difference here "white" https://www.iichi.com/listing/item/1258381 "Red" https://www.iichi.com/listing/item/1258382 ◇ Modifiable hardware · Earrings · 14KGF hook earrings (+ 500 yen) https://www.iichi.com/mobile/listing/item/786513 * Gold filled is the one with gold layer crimped to the material with high heat and pressure, and it is rare that it peels off even if it is used for a long time. You can enjoy genuine gold sparkle easily. It is said to be a material hard to cause metal allergies. (There are individual differences in allergy.) Please refrain from using immediately when you feel abnormal) Total length: about 11 cm (top part 1.5 × 1.5 cm) Because plants use natural materials, there are individual differences by things. (Image confirmation is also possible before shipping. When you wish to order please order) ********** ☆ Because of handmade items may have the attachment of burrs, cracks, scratches, bubbles, fingerprints. ☆ Because we are using natural materials, product image Please consider color, shape, balance, etc. as a sample. In addition, please note that the size indicated is approximate. ☆ Shipping method uses non-standard-size mail. There is no guarantee when loss of goods, breakage, non-standard-size mail. Moreover, we can not assume any responsibility about lost, damage at the time of transport even us. If you are worried, please consult about the delivery method. ☆ We use images taken in indoor spaces that hit natural light. The shade may vary depending on the environment. ☆ For earrings and earrings we accept orders for only one side in case of loss or damage. Please feel free to contact us. ********** "Handling Precautions" Although some strength is applied by resin processing, please be careful with handling because it is delicate compared with ready-made items. It is a product weak against water because it uses real plants. Please be careful not to get wet. If it should get wet, please wipe off the water immediately and dry. Although there is a change in color due to the passage of years, please also enjoy the transition to antique color. (Keep in mind that keeping hit against direct sunlight fades away so please be careful) ********** (Spring summer autumn winter / adult ceremony / New Year / Hatsumako / Valentine / White day / birthday / entrance / graduation / wedding / second party / party / Golden Week / Mother's Day / rainy season / festival / fireworks / yukata / sea / / Halloween / autumn leaves / Christmas / present / gift / friend / her / lover / adult cute / 104)


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