Morpho butterfly's small pendant (Naname) Silver

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Morpho butterfly's small pendant (Naname) Silver


Material Silver, resin, wing of butterfly, white rhodium plating
Size / length 20 mm width 14 mm thickness 1.5 mm weight 3.2 g
Chain length / 38 cm - 43 cm Adjustable with adjuster

The world's most beautiful morpho butterfly accessories
This accessory is an original Amorphopha butterfly accessory that enjoys the beauty of living quartz, which wraps the butterfly's wing called "Blue Morpho" from the golden country Peru, with its unique technique to forever contain its beauty.

Use a butterfly feather that can not be used as a specimen, and breathe new life.
It is said that it is a living jewel, famous "Morpho butterfly" as the world's most beautiful butterfly.
The color of the morpho butterfly is known not to be due to pigment but to be produced by the mysterious fine structure of the surface of the wing.
Blue morpho The wing color of a butterfly is called "structural color", and light is reflected by the nano-level tissue and is colored.

Produce gaps between the feathers and the resin with our own technology directly so that the resin does not soak into the feathers, nor will the feathers deteriorate as it does not touch the air.
However, since it is a delicate material, some points to be noted are that the resin part can not be strongly pressed down, if the gap layer of the wing and the resin are crushed, the light will not be reflected and it turns black.
Although there are drawbacks such as resin material weak at high temperature, but if you understand the precautions well and use it permanently the beautiful blue of Morpho butterfly can be enjoyed for a long time.
Also, if the feathers collapse and coloring no longer occurs, please be assured that accessories of naturama's morpho butterfly can be replaced with new feathers.

Its mysterious and vivid metallic blue is merely watching just watching.
By the sun changing according to the season, it must release a new color more beautiful.

Because it is a natural thing, it may differ from the picture
Please acknowledge it.
The most beautiful accessories in the world become one treasure in the world.
A butterfly that every woman likes. Earrings (earrings), a cute item that you can also very happy with Christmas gifts and gifts with 3 pendant set ♪
As this item uses epoxy resin, it may discolor yellow when exposed to direct sunlight for a long time. Please be careful with the storage place enough.


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