G Choker necklace with lady's flower bowl SV 218 G

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I made a simple necklace with Swarovski on the charm of color Lilly's bouquet.


Sugar Valentine

Sugar Valentine 逛设计馆

1 日内
1~3 日
G Choker necklace with lady's flower bowl SV 218 G


I made a simple necklace with Swarovski on the charm of color Lilly's bouquet.

I made the adjuster extended to 12 cm so that you can use it with various lengths.

Because of the structure, one end of the charm and chain (petal side) is wearing on the stem, so it is not fixed.
Because it goes back and forth between the stems, the inclination of the lily changes according to the position to wear.

It is a romantic work you can use for formal scenes such as wedding ceremonies as well as casual clothes.

Bouquet is also a motif, so it is perfect for gifts and gifts.

Swarovski's decoration length (including Swarovski) 14.5 cm
Yuri charm size: 5 cm × 1.8 cm × 0.9 cm
Length (including Kanikan): 37 cm
Adjuster: 12 cm

I use Crystal Paradise Shine for the color of Swarovski.
Depending on how the light hits, it emits a complex shine like gray, purple, and blue.

▷ Because it is a handmade work,
There is a possibility of tearing when pulling or applying a load.
Plating products may be discolored in response to sweat and water.
Please note.

▷ Although it is a length, it is not the length up to the ribbon and the race, it is the notation of the length including the crab.
Although we are carefully producing, there is a possibility of error of about 1 cm. Sorry.

▷ The thickness of the neck of the model of the photograph you are wearing (from the middle of the neck) is about 30 cm.
When it is the neck thickness of 30 cm, it becomes almost like a picture.
I think that it becomes loose if it is thinner than that, so please contact us once in that case.

▷ Although it is a metal material being used, we use the part which applied alloy brass plating of brass + nickel plating + gold, as for the chain part and the other metallic part.

▶ We ship by international e-packet.


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