Shiba Inu / Treasure Bag Postcard

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友や 小间物・身のまわり

友や 小间物・身のまわり 逛设计馆

Shiba Inu / Treasure Bag Postcard


It is a postcard of the design that Shiba Inu is in a congratulating Treasure Bag. You can also use it on New Year's cards.

※ Although it is a synthetic picture of the illustration now, I will upload it as soon as the real photo can be prepared.
* Because it is also possible to set with different postcards on sale, please let us know at the order time, remarks column.

"Promotion of proselytized houses"
It is a word meaning that you can bring good luck by raising good luck, inviting goods and treasure entering, which have been used for a long time in China.
It is said that inviting money and treasures when decorating letters that are supposed to be treasure ships by combining the letters of advances received.

It is printed on solid paper on stencil printing with stencil printing
It's a little retro feeling postcard.

Although the printing is misaligned or blurred,
We produce it with such texture printing.
The version is shifted, please enjoy it as a taste.
※ If you do not like the gap of printing even a little please refrain from ordering. Misalignment of printing always occurs.

We are using semi-water soluble ink
There is a case that the color falls when rubbing strongly. Please be careful.

Since it cuts by hand, the size is not perfect.
Please note.

· · When used in New Year's cards in Japan · · ·
When postcards are presented using private postcards, only during the period from December 15 to January 7 of the following year,
Although you can withdraw at 52 yen, please be sure to mark the letter "New Year" clearly in a position where the postcard surface is easy to see.

When postcards are presented with private postcards between 15th December and 7th January the following year,
Those without "red cards" in "New Year" will be applied to the postcard price (62 yen) normally and may be delivered within the year as general postal items,
Please be careful. ※ Please confirm with the post office in detail.
Production area / production method
made in Japan


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