Plate of wood of oak (large)

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Plate of wood of oak (large)


[It is in now shortage. Next arrival is scheduled for the end of September. 8/29 Pint!]

Oak tree plate of a single plate.

Surface is flat, was raised shaved as thin as possible the solid wood.

In solid wood, a natural oil finish, I think that it is not found early is of the same thinness as this.

The material is, we use wood of oak (if applicable).

I think that it is a tree that does not hear quite normally, but there is a reason must be oak.

The introduction of material, first from the starting point of the birth of this plate.

From the direction of the professional you started to dealing with the vessel, not find the plate of the tree to eat the bread and ham in the picnic scene, we received your request that you want to ask.

Also, I use them in the home everyday, food to above also put such as cups, it was that the plane flat plate so that it becomes a mini plate.

Little things that these also look for sure, as even if there is something similar Orishiki, was just what you do, such amenable to everyday life.

Was consulted to Shimizu's craftsman, was that of not quite is, of course, is the very warp easily weak form for thin to make.

Although the story if Katamere in such assemblage or urethane is another, you do not have that option as well as a Pint! And of course Mr. Shimizu said.

Single plate, a natural oil finish, how thin and lightly, with a simple structure and form, whether it is that easy to use trial began.

After a while, with advice from Shimizu, wood is not only oak, to the conclusion that.

So far in the Pint of the product did not have anything of oak, oak is straight grain!: For (straight grain warp or deviation less how to take of the tree) is often taken material, suitable for this time of the specification I have.

Material oak (if applicable) (natural oil finish) domestic timber

[Size] vertical 13 × horizontal 33 × height 1.1cm

[How to care]
□ I have been made natural oil painting of natural raw materials. Because it is such that can be used for oil painting tableware, you can use it with confidence.
□ After washing the filter with water, wipe dry with a dish towel, etc., please shade.
□ or soaked in water, allowed to stand while wet, please be avoided.
□ detergent you can use without any problems. Brush and not too hard, okay if I have a sponge wash.
□ use of the microwave oven and tableware dryer please avoid. Or cause a big warp in the sudden temperature change, there is a possibility that crack. Also, please be avoided as much as possible also to apply to the direct sunlight. Again it may warp or crack may occur.


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