snood mask / indigo / yellow gradation

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snood mask / indigo / yellow gradation


A convenient all-in-one face cover that combines a mask and a snood (neck warmer). The indigo surface and the back surface of the yellow gradation double gauze Both can be displayed and used. This snood can be used like a mask by simply lifting it up when you need a mask and putting rubber on your ears. It feels like wearing a large mask. It can also be used as a face cover or face warmer when it's cold. I'm looking for an all-in-one type, and it's good to use natural materials as much as possible. Recommended for those who say. The outer material is soft indigo-dyed cotton, and the lining on the side that touches the face is a soft double gauze cotton dyed with gardenia and logwood. (*Rubber and rubber stopper are not made of natural materials.) It has a certain thickness, so it feels warm when you use it. This snood mask is different from thin ones, When using it as a mask, it is not suitable for long-term use. Even if you are not good at wearing a mask, you can put it on for a while and take it off immediately. For example, it can be used to protect against the cold wind when riding a bicycle. I think that it is suitable for short-term use. The indigo and yellow gradation makes it convenient to use until early spring. The rubber part on the back is adjustable. It can be used by both men and women. Materials: Outer fabric (cotton, indigo dye), Lining (cotton, gardenia, logwood dye), mask rubber, silicon resin Size: free size Actual size: Length 70cm Width 30-21cm 67g *There are individual differences in the dyeing of the yellow gradation of the double gauze lining. Here is the color difference of the snood mask. Snood mask / off-white → Snood mask / dark blue → Snood Mask / Sakuramoku → Wood <About mask rubber> Please note that the soft rubber used in the mask may have individual differences in hardness, elasticity, and thickness. * Please note that if you pull the rubber too hard when adjusting the length, the rubber may stretch. *It is easier to adjust the length of the rubber when it is removed than when it is attached. <About size> The detailed size of the above size may be changed. Please note that there are individual differences in size. <About washing> ●Please use detergent that does not contain fluorescent detergent. Please use a neutral detergent. ●Hand wash (lightly knead, press, shake in water) or wash in a small net. ●Before drying, hold it with both hands to shape it and then dry it in the shade. ◯It will be delivered in a clean state, but if you wash it, some wrinkles will appear, so if you are concerned about it, please iron it. ※※This snood is also sold elsewhere. We will inform you if the display is not in time and the stock is actually gone. Thank you for your understanding. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. * Languages other than Japanese are automatically translated here. It may be translated with mistakes or inappropriate expressions. We apologize for any inconvenience caused. Thank you for your understanding.


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A convenient all-in-one face cover that combines a mask and a snood (neck warmer). The front is indigo-dyed cotton, and the back is vegetable-dyed yellow gradation double gauze.


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