Large antique pendant of Morpho butterfly (diagonally)


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  • Product number NA02BP_N (diagonally)
    - Material: body / brass (K18 matte gold plated)
    And size (top): vertical 28mm, horizontal 30mm, width 1.5mm
    - Weight: 6g
    Chain of length / 38cm (can be extended up to 43cm)

    ※ Model height 160cm, chain length 38cm wear

    Ladies with the motif of nature and animal AramaRoots brand "naturama".

    ■ ··· until it is morpho butterfly accessories
    The world is said to be a beautiful butterfly, live jewelry and Morpho butterfly ... early 19th century, which is also referred to was, that was fascinated by the beauty of the Queen of England, Queen Victoria for many craftsmen jewelry using the wings of the Morpho butterfly It had not made.
    Some of them can be seen in such modern art museum, but the most I have degraded it is difficult to keep the eternal shine at the time of the technology.

    Horseman of writers and morpho butterfly naturama was also a museum.
    It will not be this beauty to accessories ...
    Beautiful feather color of Morpho butterfly will get crushed black only fats and oils or crushed feathers are attached because you have light colored to reflect the complex structure rather than dye.
    However, to the delicate wings of the Morpho butterfly to accessories, it was extremely difficult to work because there is a need to be coated to protect the wings.
    And it is morpho butterfly accessories of naturama that was completed at the end of the repeated trial and error a number of failures.
    Production so as not to give direct wings to soak the resin of the gap on the wing and the resin in its own technology, not also be feather is degraded because it touches on the air.
    But not pressed strongly the resin part as some of the notes because it is a delicate material, and crush the gap layer of feathers and resin and then turned black light is no longer reflected.
    Resin material is also available disadvantage, such as vulnerable to high temperature, but the beautiful blue of the semi-permanently morpho butterfly if you use a good understanding of the attention point, you can enjoy a long period of time.
    In addition, please be assured that is naturama of Morpho butterfly accessories also no longer develop color crushed If feather can be swapped to the new wing.

    ■ Morpho butterfly legend of
    Is Morpho butterflies that live in the jungle, but the beautiful feathers of color will not be visible only from the sky. Or morpho butterfly is why the color that stands out towards the sky at risk of being prey to birds is a mystery, but the people you find very difficult to find is in contrary to the inside is brown dark jungle and its beauty is we difficult about say and be happy.

    Life expectancy slightly To sentenced have been Canadian boy in brain tumors there is a movie based on a true story that go to catch the Blue Morpho butterfly with their hands as a last hope "heaven of blue butterfly." He fulfilled the dream overcome difficulties. Then, brain tumors seems to have disappeared miraculously. Such a miracle No wonder when looking at the actual beautiful shining blue.

    We want to make people happy to wear. We make a Morpho butterfly accessories naturama at such a thought. Happy If you can feel the excitement.

    ※ normally wings of insects will write the wing but is described as feathers in order to explain clarity on our side.
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Large antique pendant of Morpho butterfly (diagonally)

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