iPhoneSE, iPhone5 & iPhone5s & iPhone5SE ★ sunflower notebook type Sumahokesu [Navy]


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  • ◆ FunnyGoods! ◆ (Fannie Goods)

    ■ I made stuck to the ease-of-use design.
    It is unique and stylish Sumahokesu.
    The fasteners we use the twist bracket.
    Since the use of the metal fittings of reliable trader in the country, easy-to-use bracket durable.
    It has put a card pocket on the inside.

    ■ I made a iphone case in the fabric of sunflower sunflower (sunflower).
    Yellow flowers shine a bright to dark blue. Because laminate fabric rest assured that strong to dirt and water!
    Gorgeous summery illustrations are cute Sumahokesu.
    'm Perfect for those who like different forms you from the other ♪

    The inside uses a tanned leather.
    But there is a thickness is soft material. Is a texture similar to Nume leather.

    ■ It is iPhoneSE and iPhone5 & iPhone5s & iPhone5SE dedicated case.
    iPhone6 plus (5000 yen), there is also the case of iPhone6 / 6S (4500 yen).
    Please feel free to contact us.

    ■ This form will be the A type of smart phone case.

    ■ notebook type case than not the case in the notebook type, it will protect the smartphone from the impact. If you like the screen cracking anxious can prevent such as entering or scratches on the screen in the bag and is a notebook-type case.
    (When the lid and when there is a strong impact not closed might break)

    ■ We also Free gift wrapping. Please refer to the place of Free gift wrapping in the gallery

    ■ Material leather, iron

    ● Because it is all handmade, attitude of the pattern is different from the photograph. Please note.
    ● The lighting and image quality, there is that color may look slightly different.
    Please note.

    ● leather, cloth material, leather material is there is a possibility that the break with the touch, such as the sharp objects.
    Leather is made of a synthetic bark. We use a fine thing, but there is a thing or torn or melted by heat or rubbing.

    Sumahokesu / iphone case / Eye Phone Case / Sumahokaba / iphone cover / Aiphone Case
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iPhoneSE, iPhone5 & iPhone5s & iPhone5SE ★ sunflower notebook type Sumahokesu [Navy]

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