Linen knit mens / M long-sleeved pullover (Pink)

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Pint! 逛设计馆

1 日内
Linen knit mens / M long-sleeved pullover (Pink)


Introducing the socks, linen knit that had gotten popular.

Rare in the world, linen knit (knitting) technology, originally Yamagata Prefecture Kenrando company that has continued long the production of knitwear collection brand around the wool, was completed by repeated research technology.

Of linen weave, but there are a lot to handle Pint! But from conventional, linen knit is rarely seen.

Here is a linen knit long-sleeved pullover. The material is 100% linen. Even though the linen, because it is knit organization, is a new sense of lightness and softness encompassing soft body. Rather than a loosely woven knit of crunchy, softness, which braided yarn of fine count it is pleasant. Because it is a double tailoring, sheer difficult, comfortable, such as wrapped softly.

Use the linen of Europe, it is woven over one by one time in Yamagata. That the single yarn, by using the thread that did not spend more, more so that the characteristics of linen yarn itself out, attention from the material, and braided.
Originally the company's technology, which had been carried out knitwear production of collection brand is utilized, we carried out a very a high-level development.

For double tailoring, it has a structure that fits gently without transparent, and to the body. There are Pishitto hard image and say linen, if it is weave structure. If you knit, structure on that knit, stretch is born.

Enough to wear to wear, there is a sense that adapt to the shape of the body. Because it is knit, it stretches a little and wear one day, but you shrink squeaking and you'll wash through the water. At that time, it seems Yuku familiar with your own body. Such as the expansion and contraction to the shoulder or elbow, where the load is applied loosely, take no place is an image that tightens. Since it is possible to wash at home, wearing, and you'll continue to wash, the form will have to fit to the body. (Washing method, we guide you at the bottom. Other than for you to use the net, notes there is no particular)

Among continue to wear, the material becomes more smooth skin, you have grown up soft. Familiar grow sense enough to wear is comfortable and fun.

Once wearing one to be repeater and you'll very often this linen knit pullover. I would like you to try.

Men's M size (there is also Women's)

(Actual size)
M Size: Length 59cm, shoulder width 39cm, width 42cm, sleeve length 58cm
L Size: Length 62cm, shoulder width 43cm, width 46cm, sleeve length 60cm
- And since they are already in use natural materials, length, etc. Masu Li differ little on the product.

Pink (There is many other color)

100% linen

About your laundry]
Than hand washing, for uniform consuming way of load, we recommend washing machine wash. In order to prevent catching the, please use the laundry net.
Every time the knitted fabric to the wash, you come out softness little by little. Because linen is a fiber to continue to separate, first it comes out Watakuzu, but this is not a problem. Was it came out Kuzunoha, take.


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