Elegant Babushu Lapela dark brown hand-sewn embroidery


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    It is warm in winter, leather slippers in comfortable and comfortable summer. You can wear comfortably throughout the ye
  • When opening the entrance, a beautiful Babush welcomes you.
    A smile seems to spill naturally ^ ^

    A group with your family
    Inviting your friend to a home party
    In the time of one who wants to spend relaxing time
    Attendance at ceremonies such as entrance ceremony and entrance ceremony
    To alleviate fatigue of the foot at hotels and in the cabin
    Newly built celebration and wedding gifts, as a gift for loved ones
    I hope that you can use it.

    Damask pattern and heart ♡ motif
    I expressed it with beads and sequins embroidery.

    □ In order to be able to use for a long time ...
    The surface and inside are light and soft, fine texture sheep leather,
    Goat leather which is strong and durable is used for the bottom part.

    ☆ Material sheep leather, goat leather (bottom)
    ☆ Size 23 ~ 24.5 cm (This is one size fits all)
    ☆ Color Dark Brown × Silver
    Made in Morocco ☆

    ■ ■ Notes ■ ■ ■
    Please be sure to read and agree to purchase after consent.

    □ About odor
    There is odor because you are using natural leather.
    At the beginning of use or during the rainy season with high humidity, there are times when you are concerned about odor.
    It gradually softens over time,
    It will be alleviated if it is shaded for a while in a well-ventilated place before use.
    This odor is natural earth-friendly materials are used without using chemicals, etc.,
    It is based on Moroccan traditional tanning method.

    □ About quality
    Because natural materials are used, leather has individual differences.
    Some parts that are not dyed may have some scratches or stains on them.
    It is a proof that it is genuine leather which is not in synthetic leather, please understand that it is natural texture.
    Also, because it is handmade goods, there are times when small scratches are seen during the work process. Please understand the goodness of handmade that there is no mass-produced item made by machine.

    ☆ Slippers / Room Shoes / Presents / Gifts / Gifts / Newly Built Celebration / New Celebration
    ☆ White Day / Mother's Day / Christmas / Birthday / Travel / Event / Interior Accessory
    ☆ entrance ceremony / graduation ceremony / entrance ceremony / graduation ceremony / visiting day / presentation meeting
    Respect for the Aged Day
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    新加坡US$ 12.63US$ 1.36
    印度尼西亚US$ 12.63US$ 1.36
    马来西亚US$ 12.63US$ 1.36
    中国大陆US$ 12.63US$ 1.36
    日本US$ 5.42US$ 0.00
    台湾US$ 12.63US$ 1.36
    香港US$ 12.63US$ 1.36
    南韩US$ 12.63US$ 1.36
    所有其他国家/地区US$ 19.84US$ 1.81


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Elegant Babushu Lapela dark brown hand-sewn embroidery

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