【Order Production】 ICE FANG ~ Ice Fairy ~


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  • Transparentness of turquoise blue and brightness of dichro polarized glass are beautiful!
    "ICE FANG ~ Ice Fairies"

    Necklace · Pendant> Three-dimensional model

    It turns his fang to a pure heart, and a solitary fairy shines dignified. Transparent ice is hidden blue and full of mystery. The light reflected on the ice glittering and shining fascinates our hearts. Depending on the viewing angle and how the light strikes, dichroic polarizing glasses change color freely. The form made a bold cut to the three-dimensional shape which imaged the fangs. Please adjust the length of your favorite length of this soft deer leather cord with a soft touch of a free size and patronize it.

    Work ID: 1434 / Working Code: 140226-200014 / American Glass / Approximately 39 × 18 × 12 mm / Blue System / Dichro Polarized Glass Processing / Ice Rock Processing / Genuine Leather Cord 100 cm Connecting Type or Length Adjusting Beads / -

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    Special project 1709
    Fall handmade 2017
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【Order Production】 ICE FANG ~ Ice Fairy ~

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