Amethyst Necklace brass chain


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  • A stone of love and compassion, amethyst. It is one of the most popular natural stones. It is also a birthstone in February.
    Royal purple color is also a stone loved by the emperor and Prince Shotoku in ancient Japan and China.

    In Europe, it is said that it is said to be "a stone that invites lovers" and "passionately overheating passion cool down", it is a power stone like love specialists.

    It seems that in famous Greek mythology it is said that it is incarnation of amethyst (goddess of the moon goddess).
    God Bacchus of sake is a capricious stupor and smashed a beast to an amethyst who happens to pass, and the goddess of the moon who noticed it has said that he converted amethyst into a crystal in a blink of an eye. After that Bacchus regretted, and when pouring wine into amethyst who became crystal, the crystal turned beautifully and discolored into a clear purple.
    Amethyst in Greek means "not drunk with sake".
    He seems to be useful from a long time told that he is not drunk with alcohol, not drunk with passion, not being drunk in life.

    Harmony, healing and relief, stability of mind, helping problem solving, enhancing intelligence and insight, family satisfaction, etc.

    Stone size
    5.0 cm x 4.0 cm
    Chain 62 cm (can not be adjusted)

    ◯ Material
    Chain, wire / brass
    ※ You can also change to leather. In that case please contact us.
    Gemstone / Amethyst

    Please do not drop it from a high place or treat it roughly. There is a possibility that the stone will break.
    Please do not wear it if it breaks. There is a possibility of injury.
    It is all made by hand. Please understand and purchase thank you.
    We accept returned goods only for defective items.
    Production area / production method
    Origin: Japan Handmade
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Amethyst Necklace brass chain

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