Antique style ribbon flared dress dress five-quarter sleeve black

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One piece dress with impressive antique style large ribbon.


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Antique style ribbon flared dress dress five-quarter sleeve black


I finished it with a simple design that you can wear cleanly. Natural texture of cotton linen. For relaxation time, for a moment to go out Please enjoy various dresses * ▼ 2 colors color variations ▼ [Black / Dark Blue] ※ Please order from each product page, respectively. Dark blue is here → Free Size (One Size) ▼ Length (from back center to hem): 93 cm Width of a garment (straight line connecting left and right armpits): 45 cm Width of cuff: 13 cm (Size can not be changed) OK as a maternity ♪ Since it is a French sleeve, you can wear it without worrying about the shoulder width. ※ For convenience of the design, the size of the shoulder width and sleeve length is not displayed. We do not accept returned goods etc. because of reasons such as not entering, do not fit nicely. ▼ Material ▼ Cotton 80% · Linen 20% Cotton canvas No lining cloth No sense of sheer Put it in the net, washing at home OK. Please do not use the dryer. Due to the nature of the fabric, washing causes wrinkles and shrinkage. There are some neps (cotton chias), blurred, leaving dyed. *********** ☆ I made a gather one piece dress ☆ → *********** ▼ Scheduled shipping date of the item ▼ As soon as payment is confirmed, the item will be shipped within 15 days. - - [Please acknowledge everything below and thank you for your order] ★ We are making carefully with all my heart so that we can love it. However, due to handmade goods, there are individual differences in low durability, shades of color, distortion, pattern appearance. The photograph is a sample. The type of tag may change. Depending on the PC environment you use etc., how it looks like the actual color may be different. Since the size is an approximate one measured in a flat place, there are some errors. I wash it once with a washing machine and measured and taken with a lightly ironed condition. ★ We will not contact you individually as regards order reception and shipping status. Please confirm with e-mail to be automatically delivered and purchase history. ★ Please be sure to check 【Estimated time to ship】. We do not ship on the same day. If you are in a hurry, please consult us before ordering. The period is changed from time to time. The period at the time of order is applied. ★ For color, size, delivery, etc., if there are unknown points etc., please consult before ordering. It does not correspond to filling in the remarks column when ordering. ★ We do not accept any returns, exchange or repair. As long as initial defective items, we will respond to either return, exchange or repair. Please contact me within 3 days after goods arrival. 【When you order, we will assume that you acknowledge all of the above】 Production area / production method Origin: Japan Handmade


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