Vermilliser book name book "Ranchi" Coral color

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友や 小间物・身のまわり

友や 小间物・身のまわり 逛设计馆

Vermilliser book name book "Ranchi" Coral color


I made the Oshikashi Book with a cover of the auspicious 'Happiness' on the cover page.

Goshuin is a stamp given at temples and shrines after worship. Goshuinchou is a special blank book for keeping stamps.

Since tailoring is handmade by specialized craftsmen, it is finished in a firm tailoring.

Not only for the Akashi Buddhist but also for Kaori Book and Scrapbook etc?
Because there is a cover of the same pattern with different colors
For wedding ceremonies, you can also use it for rituals and brides for grooms.

Size: Approximately 124 mm × 180 mm
24 pages (one side use)
Paper: Magazine paper · Mizuho Kii (110 g / m 2)

Paper on the front cover uses paper printed by stencil printing.
The contents of the paper
We are using a thick firm paper called "Mizuho Kirari"
It is impeccable quality to receive an important red stamp.
It is hard to bleed and it is difficult to show off.
* Depending on the location where you will receive a red seal, we recommend that you use one side as the state of ink is different.

Even if it is out of stock, please contact us as we will create a new one.
※ In that case, you will receive some time until delivery.

Since the cover paper is printed by stencil printing,
It is a finish of a retro feeling of printmaking style.
Although printing is misaligned or blurred,
It is such texture printing.
There is a case where the misalignment of the multicolor printing becomes large.
Please enjoy it as a taste.
※ Please refrain from the order even if you do not like the gap in the new table printing a little. Misalignment of printing always occurs.
Because we are using semi - water - soluble ink, colors may fall when rubbing strongly.
Please be careful.

Because it is what to put in and out many times,
We recommend that you use a commercially available red seal book cover attached.

"All together"
A pattern that collects treasure. It was transferred from India to China through China.
In addition to the addition of more addictive patterns in Japan, it developed into a unique pattern in Japan.
Patterns symbolizing wealth and kichijo are gathered.
Production place / Production method
Paper · printing · all made in Japan


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