Cocktail glass (hidden [monochrome]) bracelet / anklet [length, metal free choice] [made-to-order]

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Bracelet / anklet that combines fashionable triangular glass in monochrome color ☆ 彡 Shining glass and pieces of colored glass are laid out like tiles on an elongated glass (*^^*) All finished with cotton string with all my heart ♪


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Cocktail glass (hidden [monochrome]) bracelet / anklet [length, metal free choice] [made-to-order]


[Points of the work] I made it by assembling triangular glass fashionably! We also use glass that glows in various colors depending on the background and the type of light ☆ 彡 The color combination is also stylish (*^^*) All finished with cotton string with all my heart ♪ [Color points] Chic colors from light gray to dark gray. It's astringent and cool, so it's recommended for men depending on the work! A light background is fine, but a dark or black background The transparency of the glass makes it darker and cooler (*^^*) [Recommended points of staff Uzura] It's easy to match not only simple clothes but also pop atmosphere! It's a little longer than other bracelets, so is it thin to fit your arm? If you think It is recommended to layer different colors or the same color (*^^*) Excellent compatibility with the hidden necklace ♪ ------------------- Please choose length and metal free. ・ Long bracelet (approx. 18 + 5 cm) is +100 yen ・ Anklet (approx. 20.5 + 5 cm) is +200 yen ・ Long anklet (approx. 23 + 5 cm) is +200 yen ・ Metal-free bracelet (about 23 cm per week) is +300 yen ・ Long metal free bracelet (about 29 cm per week) is +300 yen ・ Metal free anklet (about 30 cm per week) is +300 yen ・ Long metal free anklet (about 36 cm per week) is +300 yen ◆ Please be sure to specify in "Options" when ordering ◆ * If not specified, we will deliver [normal (approx. 15.5 + 5 cm)] * * For metal-free, select the circumference that passes through your wrists and ankles. Adjust with a glass ball * ------------------- ◆ ◇ ◆ Thank you for your many orders (*^^*) ◆ ◇ ◆ ◆ ◇ ◆ This work is made to order ◆ ◇ ◆ * It will take some time to produce * * Estimated shipping from payment is written on each work page * ------------------- ■ Bracelet length: Approximately 15.5 + 5cm Long bracelet: Approximately 18 + 5 cm Anklet: Approximately 20.5 + 5 cm Metal-free bracelet: Approximately 23 cm per week, 7 cm in diameter ■ Bracelet material: cotton, plating (metal fittings) Metal free: cotton, glass ■ Top size: Approximately 3.4 x 0.7 cm ■ Top material: Glass (Uses high-quality accessory glass that is highly transparent, light and has good coloring) ------------------- [Search word] Caprice, Caprice, Caprice, Caprice, Caprice, Anniversary, Birthday gift, Gift wrapping, Christmas, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Valentine's Day, Men's Pair, White, Black Snow white, jet black, milky white, casual, unisex, square, square


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