Daily Working Pearl Necklace Sold separately Simple Everyday Use Daily White White Station Necklace Artificial Pearl Resin Pearl Magnet Clasp

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A discreet and simple pearl necklace for everyday use


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Daily Working Pearl Necklace Sold separately Simple Everyday Use Daily White White Station Necklace Artificial Pearl Resin Pearl Magnet Clasp


I made a pearl necklace that seems to be close to every day of work girls. Because of its elegance, the pearl accessories that are indispensable in a modified scene are like power suits that you can switch on just by wearing them ^^ I definitely want to incorporate it into my daily business scene. However, the 7-8mm pearl necklace for general ceremonial occasions, which is sure to be used in formal occasions, is too exaggerated and gorgeous for everyday use. Therefore, I made a station necklace with a light atmosphere with casual small 5mm pearls for everyday use. The 5mm pearl has a discreet and neat impression, so it is also recommended for freshmen. The length is about 37 cm, which is slightly longer than the choker size. It will be long enough to rest on the collarbone. Pair it with a skipper collar shirt or a simple cut-and-sew to keep the necklace from slipping under your clothes. For the fastener, I chose a spherical magnet clasp with glass stones studded throughout. Since it is a magnetic metal fitting, it can be worn more easily and quickly than a pulling wheel even before a busy work day. To prevent accidental disengagement while wearing, we chose a metal fitting that breaks like the lid and body of a lunch box. Furthermore, the uneven stopper meshes with the surface with the magnet. There is a diagonal notch at the end of the seam, so hook your toes there and open it so that the metal fittings are peeled off. Also, because it is a clasp with a design, the clasp that should have been properly on the back side of the neck in the morning shook like a top on the chest when I noticed it. .. .. I don't think you'll be so worried even in the unlikely event. (We do not recommend wearing it with the clasp on the front or side, as the chain will bend due to the weight balance and the line as a station necklace will collapse.) The material selection is also based on the fact that it can withstand everyday use. Natural pearls, both Akoya pearls (genuine pearls and Japanese pearls) and freshwater pearls (freshwater pearls), have a very beautiful luster unique to pearls, but they are vulnerable to sweat and sebum and are poorly maintained. If so, discoloration and deterioration are likely to proceed. However, in busy days, it is often the case that you do not have enough time to clean your accessories. .. .. When you get home, there are days when you want to fall asleep like a dead battery ^^; Working mothers who are raising children are also busy with something. For this reason, we chose high quality imitation pearls (resin pearls). If you notice it, wipe it gently with a tissue and the care is complete ^^ Of course, we have selected very beautiful ones with deep color and shine. Because it is made of resin, it is lighter than the shell pearl, which is also an imitation pearl. The metal fitting color is silver. The cool and elegant atmosphere of silver will not stand out in any situation. Furthermore, the silver color is less noticeable than the gold color, and you can use it for a long time. When you want to get a little enthusiastic about sales, presentations, etc. Please use it as a daily necklace, not for formal wear ^^ (For formal wear, definitely use Akoya pearls and shell pearls ^^) We also offer a set sale with earrings that can be used together. https://jp.pinkoi.com/product/yMBf7268 It is a little cheaper than a single item. Click here for sales of earrings separately. https://jp.pinkoi.com/product/DENpuyHK ◇◇◇◇ Pulling on the chain or pearl when opening or closing the clasp may cause damage. Please be careful. Some glass stones set on the clasp have small scratches on the surface. Please note. Product images are taken in natural light unless otherwise specified. Material: Resin, metal, glass Size: Approximately 37.5 cm (pearl diameter 5 mm, clasp diameter 8 mm)


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