Liberty iphone6 ​​case (Betsy Ann Pink)


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  • ◇ Liberty iphone6 case (Betsy Ann Pink)
    * Stock, and even though it is, there are times when there is no rarely stock. In that case, about two weeks received a production period, it will be shipped after completion. Thank you.

    Outer, is already water-repellent.
    To make the base, it has been applied to water-repellent (Since it Unlike plastic, please wipe Once wet.)
    In firmly recoating the foundation we have, so as not to artificial shiny slippery feeling because it is a long-awaited upholstered, I try a smooth texture.
    Processing agents, even the human body, we use the safe in the natural.

    Liberty fabric, and use the "Betsy Ann".
    Color is coral pink.
    It will be Nunoya's there original color.
    People pretty pink flower has been painted in full. Like the only feeling is bright and have, it is a nice dough.

    * We try to polite production but _ machine finish and those who ask for equivalent goods, nervous one. Please refrain from the purchase.

    * Iphone5 / 5s also, you can Otsukuri If you have any stock of the dough. Please contact us.

    Please ◆ ◆ "please be sure to read to the end before you buy"

    * By the color of the fabric you are using the case, there are times when you feel a little brush irregularities by the subtraction of light.
    We will work carefully, so it is fortunate if you can capture hand-made taste, and.

    * Case, I will Yes finish in the form of folding the cloth on the wall. _ Case back to (invisible part), the cloth is not stretched. _ Since foundation of clear case of a very tight making, for inside and to upholstered and iphone body part invisible becomes not Hamara, and has been in such form.

    * Case wall, including the winding portion, all the visible portion is Yes and upholstered.

    * On the surface, it is subjected to a waterproofing of the natural system.
    Unlike synthetic processing agent to solidify the paranoid, finish natural minute, such as the hot and humid season, a long period of time, when you want and to leave them on the paper
    You might stick a little. In that case, please give peel off slowly gently.
    Such as it is, such as placing a long time on top of the paper, better to refrain was might be good. (* Completely dry we are carrying.).
    For texture, such as synthetic plastic of paranoid system is not a preference, we have adopted a processing agent of this nature in.

    Thank you to those who purchase who can acknowledge the above.
    Origin / production method
    Japan handmade
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Liberty iphone6 ​​case (Betsy Ann Pink)

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