Curry slippon (black / white) LACICO hand paint hand-painted sneakers curry rice pattern orders production rasiko


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    Hand-painted custom-made works
  • ※ 25cm has been sold out.
    ※ This is an order-based production item. Since it is sold out depending on the size, please do not purchase immediately, please be sure to inquire beforehand the availability of stock of your desired size beforehand.

    It is a LACICO original hand painted work which painted "curry rice pattern" by hand drawing on canvas slippon.

    Excellent impact design with a big illustration of curry and rice! I also stuck to the texture of rice.
    It is a work you would like to wear by curry lovers.

    Pants style, skirts and dresses, as well as a wide range of coordination accents regardless of gender and active.

    Marimekko mina perhonen sousou etc. It is recommended for your favorite one.

    Shoe size is 22.5 cm - 28 cm
    (27.5 cm is not handled) We are preparing.
    Please email us the size you would like when ordering.
    ※ The actual sense of size wearing is the sizing of standard shoes, but because the foot width is a little slim, the one with the larger foot width and the upper one is recommended one size upper.
    ※ Because there are cases when out of stock depending on size, we will contact you in that case.

    【Flow of product shipment】
    ①Order completion
    ② Total merchandise fee + postage payment complete
    ③ Start of production (completed in about 4 weeks)
    ④ Work completed, item shipment

    ※ For making sneakers will be after payment is completed.
    We have received production time of approximately 4 weeks from payment completion to shipping.
    ※ After we have completed your order, we will contact you with the due date schedule. If orders are crowded, the delivery date may be delayed. It will be made by hand, so please forgive kindly.

    【Precautions for use】
    We are using water resistant paint for cloth, and we have applied antifouling • water repellent finish,
    There is a case where the color blurs or rubs due to rubbing.
    When washing, please wash gently with hand washing.
    When using a water repellent spray etc., there is a possibility that the paint may blur due to the ingredients of the spray. Be sure to take enough distance from the shoes and spray thinly and little by little.

    Size: 22.5 cm ~ 28 cm (27.5 cm handled none)

    **Purchase notes**

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    新加坡US$ 14.49US$ 9.06
    法国US$ 18.11US$ 13.58
    英国US$ 18.11US$ 13.58
    马来西亚US$ 14.49US$ 9.06
    中国大陆US$ 14.49US$ 9.06
    日本US$ 5.44US$ 0.00
    台湾US$ 14.49US$ 9.06
    德国US$ 18.11US$ 13.58
    香港US$ 14.49US$ 9.06
    俄罗斯US$ 18.11US$ 13.58
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Curry slippon (black / white) LACICO hand paint hand-painted sneakers curry rice pattern orders production rasiko

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