Coffee sleeve (with initials engraved)


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  • How is my sleeve initials into when you take a breather?
    Usual breath in leather sleeve grades up!
    Since you can also adjust the size and compatible with most of the size of the cup.
    Due to the specification of the leather that has been subjected to Gin Sri Taabura finish and waxed
    You can enjoy the taste embezzled.
    ■ your usage
    You can wheel and pushed the leather of the projections on the notch of the body. it is possible to have wheels Coffee mounting complete and put the cup. Beverages piping hot it is also possible to carry by sleeving.
    ■ Size
    The one is the size, but it is possible the size adjustment of two stages in the cut.
    Over correspondence confirmed Kappu
    STAR BUCKS Short / Tall / Garnde
    Seven Eleven S Size L
    ■ color
    Please check the 3rd photograph of.
    Please fill in the number in the remarks column.
    ① Black
    ② Camel
    ③ chocolate
    ④ Red
    ※ Since the hope customers of of you will be engraved initials (capital letters 1 letter size 5mm angle), thank you described in the remarks column when ordering.
    ■ Material
    Table: Leather
    Lining: suede fabric
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Coffee sleeve (with initials engraved)

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