Paisley pattern for cats Bandana style collar Horn corner with kittens to adult cats

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<About the neck of a feline sodate> Felisodate is making a collar with a cat eye line from the viewpoint that "cats are originally a creature who dislikes the collar". It is a bandana-like shape aimed at being able to distinguish it as a do


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Paisley pattern for cats Bandana style collar Horn corner with kittens to adult cats


It is a pop bandanna-like collar where the big paisley of the navy dances boldly. The color is yellow other than yellow of the main photograph, there is white. * We will make it in yellow if not specified in particular. The main body is made of cotton which is easy to clean, using Velcro tape, the length is adjustable. It is easy to install commercially available lost child bill with corner can. It is very lightweight, less than 5 g in weight of the collar, soft, soft and made to keep the burden of cats to the minimum. ※ When delivering it is simple wrapping (free. See the 3rd photo of the photo, the color of the ribbon varies according to the season etc.). Notes -------- ※ Because of handmade goods that are handmade one by one, there are times when some errors are generated about size. Also, depending on the place of use and the size of the fabric, the patterns are different each way. Please note. * Depending on the environment you view, there may be cases where the color of the photos you are posting are different. Please also acknowledge it. * We are also considering safety, such as when you are caught in the event, but it may not be removed due to catching and cat weight etc. About size ■ (It is not possible to return due to size difference.) -------- Baby size: Collar inner size 19 ~ 23 cm (for cat like 18 ~ 22 cm neck) KITTON SIZE: Collar inside dimension 23 - 27 cm (For cats with neck circumference 22 cm ~ 26 cm) Adult size: Collar inside dimension 27 ~ 31 cm (for cats like neckband 26 ~ 30 cm) In addition to the 3 sizes, you will also receive your order with the specified finished size. * When fitting a collar, the state that two to three human fingers enter is just size, but there are individual differences by cats. Especially observe the situation especially in the beginning, if you dislike, please revise opportunities when in a good mood. If you tend to be very short hair type, biting habit, monkey shoulder, less gaps, long hair kind with more gaps, etc. Please adjust frequently, please find the right size. 【option】 I will install and attach to the collar for free by purchasing a lost child bill. If you wish, please enter "Name of your choice" or "Sewing request" along with your name and phone number of your lost child in the comment field.**Points to note when purchasing** Please acknowledge some errors such as pattern appearance, size, seams. Also, depending on the environment you view, there may be cases where the color and color of the photos you see are different. Please also acknowledge it. ■ About delivery -------- Products will be produced after receiving your order, so we will receive your time before shipping. Estimated shipment is within 5 business days after receiving your order. We will deliver it by click post. ■ About business days -------- Since it is operating while doing work and housework, it is a business day · time like the following. Opening hours: Tue - Thursday 12: 30-17: 00, Saturday - Sunday 11: 00-17: 00 Closed holiday: Monday, Friday, holiday


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