Mamuang Chan Limited Edition EE Defender Set (S)


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  • First time we’ve made EE Defender pencil cap a Limited Edition with a collaboration of Thai Famous cartoonist “Wisut Ponnimit”. Wisut is an artist who is popular both in Thailand and Japan. He is an owner of HeSheIt (Katch Magazine, a day Magazine), Kwan Tai Mok, everybodyeverything (Thai first cartoon that published in Japan).

    Wisut has designed a unique characters action of “Mamuang Chan” for fans of Grey Ray and we have selected a 8 signature colors out of “Mamuang Chan” characters to make it limited colors on “EE Defender” pencil cap. This project combined a loveliness of Mamuang Chan and coolness of Grey Ray to make this premium graded product guaranteed from Design Excellence Award 2013 (DEmark Award) and Good Design Award 2013 (G-mark) from Japan Institute of Design Promotion.

    Mamuang Chan Limited Edition EE Defender (S) Includes:
    1. Mamuang Chan Limited Edition EE Defender Pencil caps ( x 4 colors)

    “EE Defender” Pencil Cap have been designed and developed to use each pencil efficiency. Easy to hold a pencil although it gets shorter and protect the EE pencil’s lead because EE’s pencil lead is easily broken. In Thailand, art students value sharpening the EE pencil to be longer than a standard, so this product will help protecting those fragile long pencil tip.

    Dimensions 10 x 1.5 x 11.5 cm
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Mamuang Chan Limited Edition EE Defender Set (S)

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