Open wide small purse (23)

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Open wide small purse (23)


It is a small purse that mouthpiece is open wide. Accessories and medicine, to put a little thing such as candy and lip balm is just the right size.
Since the mouth is open wide you will know what is contained in a glance. Since becoming made shallow and easy to use easily enter the hand.

The needle punched the wool top in felt you put a core, it was embroidered with thread and beads from above.
The back we are using tweed fabric.
Cute little tassel is attached.
The middle ground we're using the unique American print fabric.

Because of handmade all writers, there may be some distortion and wrinkles. I recommend that those who ask what the perfect sewing not been purchased.
Also the tweed fabric that is used in this work are woven some white thread. It is recommended that those who are worried will not be purchased.

We are using a lot of small beads, but it has become difficult to take because you have fastened with adhesive from the back.

It is a good soft texture of the perfect feeling to the cold season.

Material: felt, wool top, beads, etc.

Cap size: about 5.5 × 10 cm
Overall size: about 9.5 × 12 cm (not including mouthpiece)

Handle With Care: beads or wool top is fuzzy due to the characteristics on the friction and rain of material might be or fading.

We have heard in the gift wrapping and free. Please feel free to tell us who you would like.

When multiple of your order, there is a case where there arises a real postage and some errors. Please note.

It is the sale of works in other sites. If the order had been duplicated, and we have been priority to customers who ordered earlier. Thank you for your understanding.

*Prohibited matter*
It will ban the resale of reprint-works without permission of photos and text (including use as a part).
Origin / production method
Origin Japan handmade


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