【In Stock 1 point SALE】 enrica cottonsilk blouse pinkbeige / botanical dye

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【In Stock 1 point SALE】 enrica cottonsilk blouse pinkbeige / botanical dye


【Stock last 1 point SALE ¥ 25,920 → ¥ 22,000】

A thin long blouse of cotton silk. While it is lightweight elegance with a thin fabric, it seems familiar to a good texture while wearing without being too delicate.

Body material is 70% cotton, 30% silk fabric. The collar part is 100% silk.

The soft pink color is dyed with a dye extracted from cinnamon. The color taste unique to plant dyeing is very beautiful.

Cotton silk fabric woven in the country features smooth thread and smooth touch. It is also light in appearance, it is a clean clean cloth.

Long length can enjoy coming with the outer so it seems to be active also from early spring. When you wear this main on the main, it is thin enough to be worn until summer.

Please also enjoy a wide range of styling with pants and shoes. If it is shoes, materials such as leather are certain, but it is likely that you will wear fresh lightly and refreshing together with canvas sneakers etc. It will be like spring.

It is a natural wearing color with high quality material and silhouette, with an adult feminine atmosphere. It is soft and clear color of plant dyeing, and you can taste it elegantly.

I will only be wearing one here. Reproduction, other sizes and colors are not available.

Cotton 70% / Silk 30%
(Collar: 100% silk)

▼ ladies size 38 (M)
(Exact size size)
Width 46 cm, shoulder width 64 cm (measurement from shoulder seams), Length 95 cm, Sleeve length 48 cm

※ Photo Model Height 160cm

※ Photo torso size
Shoulder width 40 cm Bust 81 cm Waist 61 cm

Because the silk part is pretreated by applying heat, you can wash at home.
I recommend hand washing. Please avoid bleach, detergent with fluorescent whitening agent.
For plant dyeing, please use mild detergent, please shade in the shade.
For details, please see the attached banner tag, wash notation. For any questions about handling and care, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Enrica hanger and enrica pochette are attached. Enrica Pochette contains enrica's mini leaflet, materials used in the season collection (threads, etc.).

【About enrica】

List of enrica titles https://www.iichi.com/shop/pint/artist/J8524309

Enrica is a brand with a theme of comfort and femininity. We are publishing collections not only in Japan but also in Europe and the United States. While cherishing the traditional materials and technologies and connections with people we meet, we are making clothes centering on natural materials and plant dyeing.

Enrica to develop women's collection lines at select shops in Japan and abroad. Although it is rarely deployed on the web, the encounter with Pint! Was the "Everybody's Eyeball" project that I did at Urban Research's "Kagure" last year.

While making clothes at a very high level, the brand has straight attitude and warmth until the process of material selection and sewing. The personality of the designer Mr. Machida appears. We make monozukuri by edging, domestic production of sewing and dyeing. While pursuing comfort and beauty, it is said that we arrived at natural materials and natural dyeing. Such a thing, from the thought toward natural manufacturing and earnest manufacturing, we decided to work together.
Enrica's clothes featuring fine materials and a feminine atmosphere. Come and I'd be happy if you could try it.


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