Bean Piercing "Love's Disease" Titanium Earrings

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明日手帖 逛设计馆

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Bean Piercing "Love's Disease" Titanium Earrings


I fall in love like a trap.
I wonder why it seems that my chest pain and melancholy are lovely.

Binding small small bean stock properly with thread,
I made a piercing with a wish to produce your charm.

I am writing about the text in the illustration of a fox until I meet and fall in love.
There are notation of Japanese, English, French, German, Chinese,
It is like a picture book that can be read by overseas.
All illustrations and sentences are original.

The size of the bean portion is as small as 2 cm × 1.2 cm.
Including pierced parts is about 1.5 cm.
The metal part is the silver color of titanium.

Because it will be a piercing for one ear, it is one piece.
If you would like to put on both ears please order two.
If there is no stock we will produce so please contact us from the message.

I made it so that I can read even small letters!
The size of one character is about 1 mm square.
Although there are some parts which are crushed, it seems to be able to read if the one with good eyes.

Even if it is small, you can insert a stitch with threads and insert the illustration and give backwards.
Coloring paper with coffee, doing damage processing that adds some scratches
It is tailored as an accessory with a taste like an old book.

I am using a strong adhesive, but because it is paper, it gets wet with water
Please be careful of a strong shock.
Also, please note that because books will not close, do not apply excessive force.

Dispatch will be letter pack or non-standard-size mail.
Packaging is not eco but thought about the shock at the time of mailing
Put it in a box and put it in an envelope.
I think that it is a letter pack more safe.

Meet and talk and remember, I can not sleep at night
I will be happy when I meet again, but I get sick once I get lost
I want to convey feelings and move forward.
It is the story of the love of such a fox daughter.


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