Starry night-whale glass etching panel M size · LED Stand Set (Lamp Lighting)

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Starry night-whale glass etching panel M size · LED Stand Set (Lamp Lighting)


Starry is etching panel of night-whale.
Size: width about 19cm, height of about 20cm
Part number: WEB-etching-whale-001

By blowing abrasive to the glass, we created a classy decoration panel in the etching technique to perform a relief.

Rather than the high transmission glass, dare by adopting a 8 mm float glass
And put the lighting sculpture surface stand out better, it is the work that the gradient can enjoy from white to pale green with the glass itself of the plank.
The outer periphery is hand-cut, we have to scratch processing so that the light is diffusely reflected.
Also, when the place, such as against a wall and spread the gentle green light.

※ In order to hand processed by one point, because it does not become the cut line and the design is exactly the same, please understand.

Original etching panel dedicated LED stand (M size)
Here is produced in the USB port, you attach adapter also you that can be used in the electrical outlet.
In addition, power consumption is also highly recommend the lighting at all times for very little.
Cord Length: 90cm
Size: height of about 3cm x width of about 13cm
5V power consumption 0.5W
ON · OFF switch: None

[Options Parts alone can not buy]
On-off dimming remote control and extension cable

Once if you can offer a stand, it will be replaced the panel, depending on the season and the mood ♪
Purport If you have a stand, please contact us by message.

Custom design, please contact us.
※ will be the handling of as a separate estimate orders work.
※ It is normal delivery time for three weeks, since it will change depending on the situation of the workshop, please feel free to contact us.

※ glass you will use plug on the stand.
Fall and or upside down has a stand only, can cause damage.
On the structure of your understanding, please handle it.

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