Small small sprinkle sparkle 3

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It is one point of hand embroidery. We arranged various materials found abroad and abundantly and carefully finished one


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Small small sprinkle sparkle 3


About seven years after I greeted you in May. We have collected various materials both in Japan and abroad.
I gathered glittering materials and shining materials that stimulated my curiosity and waited for someday to become something.
The hands have finally caught up to the material which finally found by enriching the inner side of my own by watching and listening to various things.
It is a pattern that I was born.

Beads sewn exactly and change thread are dancing like an abstract painting on the whole.
In addition to shining, we restrained parts to mat, and finished in elegance while diversifying the bright colors.
There is nothing anywhere, it is a perfect one that does not suffer with anyone.
If you take it out of the bag, you will be asked "Where is it, where?"
What brand? What country is it? Where did you get it?
What meaning "where?" Pops out?

Have you accidentally lost accessories you removed at your destination?
It is the perfect size to put it in when you remove a bit.
It can be used as a bag charm because it has a ball chain.
It is exactly the size to put in small items such as medicines and coin.

I am doing fine embroidery on the gauze with quilt core.
It is one point thing carefully finished with handicrafts one by one.

※ Because of the sewing process and the nature of the material, fine wrinkles may be gathered around the outside, especially the mouthpiece. Although there is no hindrance when using, we recommend not to purchase those who are worried about. Moreover, we can not respond to returned goods after purchase, please understand.

Material: gauze, beads etc.

Base size: Approx. 4 × 3, 8 cm
Overall size: Approximately 5.5 x 5 cm (excluding the mouthpiece)

Handling Precautions: Depending on the nature of the material, the fabric may become fuzz due to friction and rain, or the bead may fade.

We also accept free gift wrapping. If you are interested please feel free to tell us.

In case of multiple orders, actual shipping fee and some errors may occur. Please note.

We also sell works on other sites. If orders are duplicated, we prioritize customers who ordered first. Thanks for your understanding.

*Prohibited matter*
Reproduction of photos and text without permission · Resale of works (including use as parts) is prohibited.


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