Bean Pierced Earrings "Mrs Indoto" Titanium

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Bean Pierced Earrings "Mrs Indoto" Titanium


Binding small small bean stock properly with thread, I made a piercing with a wish to produce your charm. The size of the bean portion is as small as 2 cm × 1.2 cm. The metal part is about 1.5 cm in size. The metal fittings are silver color earrings of titanium. I made it so that I can read even small letters! The size of one letter is about 1 mm square, but perhaps the better one I think you can read with the naked eye. The text is original which imaged net literature per Taisho. Even if it is small, you can insert a stitch with threads and insert the illustration and give backwards. Coloring paper with coffee, doing damage processing that adds some scratches It is tailored as an accessory with a taste like an old book. I am using a strong adhesive, but because it is paper, it gets wet with water Please be careful of a strong shock. Also, please note that because books will not close, do not apply excessive force. Because it will be a piercing for one ear, it is one piece. If you would like to put on both ears please order two. If there is no stock please contact us with a message. Dispatch will be letter pack or non-standard-size mail. Packaging is not eco but thought about the shock at the time of mailing Put it in a box and put it in an envelope. I think that it is a letter pack more safe. "It is terribly terrible that the trees are swaying in the morning when the morning is morning beyond the milky white fog --- I want you to stop finding me in such a depressing morning." Wearing a small morning story of "Maid ass lady" To you who fascinates around personally more than anyone, ☆ It is a gift for that precious person ☆ If there is no stock we will manufacture after receipt of order. Usually you can ship in about three days, but we will contact you when ordering as it depends on the situation. Text of the text, cutting and thread stitching, assembly, packaging We do it all by hand. Distortion and deviation may be seen in some cases, I hope you enjoy it as a handmade taste. Also, this series intentionally subjected to damage processing I am directing the atmosphere of old books. Please inquire from the message etc. when it was broken on arrival.


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