Matryoshka path Case maid / black (MP-130b)

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Matryoshka path Case maid / black (MP-130b)


Matryoshka type unique path case. Reel with a key chain of clothes and a matching pattern. Since also attached chain, possession is also compatible with thick bag. Since the reel part is extended, also will be missing in the stress-free ticket gate! Since the pocket portion is equipped with a non-slip, IC card (electronic commuter pass) is making it difficult to fall out. ◆ Pass Case part SIZE: vertical 11.5 ㎝X width 8 ㎝X thickness of 5 mm Material Calton / fabric (cotton) / stainless steel (D Kang) Swarovski Elements ◆ Riruki part String length: about 40 cm chain length: 15 cm Material: stainless steel / iron (chain part) Nickel (fasteners, etc.) / fabric (cotton) / UV resin * This product is for the French tradition cardboard crafts called cartonnage, it takes excessive force It will be bent and put away Please note. If you've warped in a secular change in use, it will be flat and I am a little back by hand. • For secondary loss of this product (loss such as commuter pass, electronic ticket) can not assume the responsibility. please note that. And waterproof processing, will be water-repellent efficacy of in everyday life (rain, water droplets). Before use, Once you have multiplied our waterproof spray again, because it will last longer and even more dirt and water-repellent effect, Please try • In order to back pocket inside the slip is on, has become IC card is less likely to fall. Nationwide IC card you can use. (Because there is area not be available in some, please use on the check to each company.) When you pull out the can-Riruki of straps, please pull slowly. There is the case that when the strong pull too will not return to the original, please note. - Since this product is intended to use the special acrylate resin (UV resin), Please note that as a small child does not lick or put in your mouth. • In the unlikely event that the resin part has come off, it will be us again in half a year free of charge. Place is a safe place it will be the time required warranty.


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