A little boy's journey / lighthouse postcard no.062

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A little boy's journey / lighthouse postcard no.062


* Color Pencils Picture Postcard 4-Pack
no.062 Title of work "Tiny boy's journey / lighthouse" *

A color pencil drawing artist Mikawa Nako (TONTENKAN) is a postcard using the original picture drawn carefully with a color pencil.

A small boy goes to various places.
This time, I am walking with a sailor hat and clothes in front of the lighthouse. This place is actually the American lighthouse I actually saw. The building was very nice and I thought that I wanted to paint it by all means.
In the sky, the cloud is also flying because it is close to the cloud cover and the sea. Bright lawn green and red roof lighthouse. How is it in summer letters and warm summer greetings?

The painting material used is an eagle color colored pencil.
Unlike colored pencils that are usually familiar, because they are soft colored pencils of drawing taste, they overlap colors many times and are producing color with depth.
Please, please enjoy slowly.

· It will be ordered with 4 set set.

★ Used Material ★
The paper we are using is mermaid ripple paper.
There are also firm thickness.
It is a little uneven, gentle texture.

★ Size ★
100 mm × 148 mm

★ Points to note when purchasing ★
After printing out this work with a printer at home, processing of rounded corners of the card is also made by individuals. Unlike mass-production processing, some deviation may occur. I think if you can try it as the taste of the handmade work which is not in mass-produced goods.
Production area / production method
Origin: Japan Handmade


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