[1 week limited sale] 14kgf rare stone / 1 point item Tiffany Stone Oval Necklace

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A rare stone Tiffany Stone simple An oval earring tailored to vintage settings.


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[1 week limited sale] 14kgf rare stone / 1 point item Tiffany Stone Oval Necklace


[Choose your favorite pattern from A to C.] ] https://mallelabrocante.ocnk.net/data/mallelabrocante/product/20190811_e2da60.jpg https://mallelabrocante.ocnk.net/data/mallelabrocante/product/20190811_b905a0.jpg https://mallelabrocante.ocnk.net/data/mallelabrocante/product/20190811_314eab.jpg ↑ 40cm https://mallelabrocante.ocnk.net/data/mallelabrocante/product/20190811_16ebb9.jpg *************** [Because it is busy, it will be sold for a limited time from September 10 to September 16, 2019. Pinkoishop OPEN after the end of the period is undecided. ] [This is a made-to-order production. Please understand that you will wait for at least 3 days] ★ Please select the desired pattern from the image (A to C) ★ A rare stone Tiffany Stone simple An oval necklace tailored to vintage settings. Tiffany Stone A rare stone produced only around the Thomas Mountains in Utah, USA. White chalcedony and opal Such as purple florite and pink rhodonite A mixed stone in which various minerals are mixed. It is said that you can stimulate your imagination and expand the world of free ideas. Recommended for artists and other people who need creativity and originality. It is said that it increases concentration and self-improvement. * Due to the nature of natural stone, chipping / cracking, inclusions and individual differences in size may be seen. These are proof that stone is natural, and that it is the charm and individuality of natural stone. Please order only if you understand. All metal fittings are 14kgf. You can use it with confidence. In addition, even if there is no allergy, it is not easy to peel off like gold plating. As you can use jewelry cleaners Beauty lasts a long time. Motif size: Approximately 1.5cm x 1cm Chain: about 40cm / 45cm / 50cm ★ Sorry to trouble you, but when ordering, please fill in the desired chain size in the remarks column ★ (40cm and 45cm are 3980 yen including tax, and if you wish to extend more than that, it will be +250 yen every 5cm) ※ There is a slight error in size one by one. ■ What is Gold Filled ■ When a gold layer is crimped to a material (brass) with high heat and pressure, and the weight of the gold (10K or more) layer is more than 1/20 of the total weight including the material, it is called gold filled The Because it is made of a much thicker layer than gold plating, it will hardly peel off even after long-term use. In Europe and America, costume jewelry, Often used in luxury accessories. You can also use jewelry cleaners. (The cleaner cannot be used for the motif part) Although it is an allergy-free material, allergies do not come out Please note that it is not a material. Points to note when purchasing Because it is handmade, some distortion ・ There is always an individual difference in the part position. The parts used are vintage, antique, etc. The old one is used. These parts are aging, stains, rust, The pearl paint may come off. For handmade and antique parts use We look forward to your order. * Please make sure to check the “size” and “material” of your work before purchasing. * The color may look different on the screen and the actual product. If you have any questions, please contact us. From the point of view of hygiene, returned or exchanged is not possible if it is installed even once. Discounted items cannot be returned or exchanged. Returned goods with different images will be charged a round-trip shipping fee. For items that are shipped free of charge, you will also be responsible for the shipping costs for returning. If you are a repeater and would like to return many times Since there is a case where we will refuse orders afterwards Please understand in advance.


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