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  • Collision of galaxies each other, etc., starburst Concho was phenomenon that a large amount of the star is formed at a time, a "starburst" motif.

    A star burst stone bracelet that produced a meaning to say that "to achieve the magnificent things".

    Please try to wear this bracelet with all your "wish.

    Ready to accomplish this by amazing is complete!

    You can even what is that you are drawn to the heart.

    Remember wearing this bracelet.

    You are, if that is your own to image,

    That we have the possibility to What! "

    [Material] 925 silver or brass
    Please choose either the silver or brass ※.
    Natural stone / wax Code (polyester)

    [Weight] 12.8 g

    [Dimensions] Concho Vertical: 18mm / Horizontal: 18mm / thickness: 6mm
    Hook Vertical: 11mm / Horizontal: 7mm / thickness: 1mm
    Charm Vertical: 15mm / Horizontal: 5mm / thickness: 1mm

    [Natural stone] magnesite round 6mm

    [Support size b] L inner diameter of about 18cm
    M an inner diameter of about 17cm
    S inner diameter of about 16cm
    Please choose the size of your choice from the above size.
    ※ Please note that the change in the number of natural stone by size.

    If you wish to length other than the above, please feel free to contact us.

    ◆ deliver only: will be about two weeks after a payment check.

    With regard to the wrapping, I am sorry, please understand that it does not correspond.

    **Notes at the time of purchase**

    ※ This item is, and with an emphasis on design, pointed part of the tip, there is a part that is a sharp enough so please be careful.
    Also, Please note it may be deformed and will add excessive force.

    ※ thank you enough so that you please confirm the "size" and "material" in the work before you buy.

    Due to the use of natural stone ※, in the commodity image and the real thing is slightly different color and pattern.
    Different Suto such as product images and real natural stone by size.
    Natural stone, in response, such as to heat, chemicals, and cosmetics, may discolor or damage the finish.
    Please acknowledge.
    By we use natural stone, there is a case where inclusion derived from the rough (such as scratches) can be seen.
    Please enjoy the texture of natural stone unique.

    All of the products of DaDa, we do not put material notation (such as silver).
    This is because, rather than worth the notation of material, because we believe that there is a value to the work itself.
    The quality, and with confidence, we have put a complimentary quality assurance to all products that accustomed to your purchase.
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