2019 Taoyuanxie weekly schedule note order production

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It is a handmade notebook one by one. You can change the monthly calendar to your national holiday.


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2019 Taoyuanxie weekly schedule note order production


When you are unavoidably cold freezing and tears do not come out
Please write the recipe that will warm your heart on the first page of this notebook.
· Eat chocolate
· Build delicious tea
· Listen to your favorite music
· Too off for five minutes
· Take a deep breath and stretch once
You can heal with your recipe for your year, and even then.
Even if you go ahead and go astray and go on a side street, you are surely because you are okay.

It is about 11.5 cm in length - 10.5 cm in width - about 10 mm in thickness.
Monthly calendar ① You can choose Monday beginning ② Sunday beginning.
The text goes forward to 2019 year schedule → 2020 year schedule → monthly calendar → weekly schedule → free page 20p.
You can choose the pattern of the cover as you like, the thread and the paper in the back.
I dye it with your favorite color, but it may not be as ideal as it is a type dye.
But surely it will be a nice color. Dyeing will be done only once.

All below are free.
If there is hope please let us know by remarks or message.
Please periodically check the message.
Please let us know if you are good at leaving colors etc.
I would like to make it totally nice according to the cover.
· You can choose the cover design freely from among the patterns you made up to now. Combination OK.
· I dig a pattern of your name on the cover and it is dyed. Only letters.
· You can put your favorite words and names on the first page.
· You can enter the number 19. Right top and back of the cover.
· Pocket can be attached to the back of the cover. Both tables and back can be OK.
· You can choose up to two bookmarks as your favorite color.
· You can increase free pages by 16p.
· Free pages can be changed to ruled lines and grid. Width and size are also your choice.
· Those who purchased the schedule notebook by last year are free shipping.
(Order from another page)
· We will print "Happy Birthday" on the person's birthday.
Please write your important birthday with your own letters.

I wish you a wonderful day for you.

★ Completed notebooks will be published in blogs, shops, Instagram etc.
Please inform us of the person who refuses the disclosure.


★ We publish the production process with Instagram.
★ The cover is anti-staining measures with a waterproof spray.
I think that it can be used cleanly by blowing a waterproof spray for cloth once a month.

Using the hygroscopicity of the paper, when you spray your favorite perfume on the text
You can enjoy your favorite fragrance every time you use your notebook for about a month.
※ Please use the spray well enough.

Because of all manual work, there may be scratches on printing, swaying of dyed, distortion and the like.
In addition, the cover may be different from the image because of hand dyed one by one.
The person who is interested will show you the image so please do not hesitate to consult us.

Since it is order production, it is about 2 ~ 3 weeks until completion.
We will inform you of shipping schedule date after your order.

If there are other things to worry about,
Please do not hesitate to contact us.
I am looking forward to the day we can make one favorite book.


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