2018 "Togenokyo" weekly schedule note order production


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  • There are lots of free benefits such as name dyeing and color change etc.
    Those who purchased the schedule notebook by last year will be free shipping.
    We have set up a dedicated listing page so please read it.
    First of all it will be the procedure after receiving the message.

    Let's enjoy this world that has kept many thoughts and time so far.
    Even sad things and nothing will be a wonderful gift for you in the future if you put it in words.
    Enjoy yourself.
    I will surely make a wonderful notebook that you will be pleased with.
    I do not have happiness any more than that you spend a year with my notebook.

    It is a square type notebook.
    The size is about 11.5 cm in length - 10.5 cm in width - about 8 mm in thickness.
    For the text, 2018 year schedule → 2019 year schedule → monthly calendar 12 months → weekly schedule → free page 20 pages, and so on.
    The pattern of the cover is your favorite, and the combination of patterns is OK.
    The cover design is arranged for exhibition, so please have a look as we are arranging it.
    You can also use other hand towels and large notebook patterns.
    I dye it with your favorite color, but it may not be the ideal as it is a type dye.
    But surely it will be a nice color.

    All below are free.
    If you wish, please let us know by remarks or message.
    Since I will exchange it several times, please check the message on a regular basis.
    Please let us know if you are good at leaving colors etc.
    I would like to make it totally nice according to the cover.
    · The monthly calendar can be selected from Monday beginning and Sunday beginning.
    · If you tell me the national holiday of the country you live in, it is not a Japanese holiday but a red letter on that day.
    · You can choose the cover design freely from among the patterns you have made so far. Combination OK.
    · I dig a pattern of your name on the cover and it is dyed. It will be characters only.
    You can put your favorite words and names on the first page.
    · You can enter the number 18. Right top and back of the cover.
    · You can put in a calendar from October 17th to March 18th.
    · Pocket can be attached to the back of the cover. Both tables and back can be OK.
    · You can choose up to two bookmarks of your choice.
    · You can increase 16 pages of free pages.
    · Free pages can be changed to ruled lines and grid. Please choose the width and size as you like.
    · Those who bought the schedule notebook by last year are free shipping.
    It is a shipping timetable with letter pack light. (Order from another page)
    If you purchased from other sites please tell me the image of the notebook or purchasing site and your name.
    ☆ I will print "Happy Birthday" on the birthday of the person using it.
    It will be only the birthday of those using it. Please write your important birthday with your own letter.

    Lovely 2018!
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2018 "Togenokyo" weekly schedule note order production

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