Garnet's red earrings One stud earring January birthstone 4mm 1 pair

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The garnet used this time has few contents and cracks and is of high quality.



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Garnet's red earrings One stud earring January birthstone 4mm 1 pair


~~~ Wrapping with ❄ + 250 yen ♪ ~~~ One pair is sold. 6mm size is sold separately and can be purchased from the following page ・ Material ① Silver 925 ②14KGF ③ Change to K10 gold ④ Change to K18 gold Please select from the options for details. Round garnet: about 4mm small grain (uncolored pure natural Mozambique) Garnet characteristics: A very beautiful wine red color can be seen with sunlight and light, but it looks dark with normal light. The fourth image is normal light. 榴 榴 石 是 种 她 會 的 特别 寶 、 她 會 因 光 光線 度 、 看去 的 顏色 改 改 、 通常 光 下 看 , 顏色 都會 比较 ,, 暗色 、 可 對光 或 在 Sunlight 中 會 很 會 很 郁 很美. This is a kind and elegant stone. ・ Size -925SV: Approximately 15mm, post part 11mm -14KGF: Approximately 13mm, post part 9mm * Although I try to shoot in colors that are as close as possible to the actual thing, it is a feature of natural stone that the impression changes depending on the light conditions. ************ Garnet: "Symbol of fruit" that brings unchanging love and deep bonds It is a stone that has the power to activate blood circulation and clean it. Garnet is a stone that has the power to activate both body and spirit energy. It raises positive feelings about living and turns negative emotions such as fear and anxiety into bright energy. It is a stone that brings current hardships to results, so it is also recommended as a way to determine the course and to protect important projects. It is a stone that increases energy and is a very good protection for childbirth. This stone has been used as an amulet since ancient times because it has the power to protect its owner from negative energy. This stone is said to bring about positive changes as winter turns into spring because it enhances people's love and generosity. Garnet, well-known as the birthstone of January, is said to be a “symbol of fruit”, and is said to lead to success by achieving the goal and realizing the results of the accumulated efforts. Also, this “fruitful” effect lends a hand to the fulfillment of love. In old lore, garnets are often given as swearings for reunion with an important person, and it is sometimes expressed as a deep “bond”. Therefore, it can be said that it is a power stone symbolizing “one-time love” that deepens love with important people. Those who wish for lasting love with loved ones should wear it as an accessory. ************ ・ K14GF (14 gold gold filled): Unlike gold plating with a thin gold layer, a gold layer with a weight of 1/20 of the base metal is heat bonded. ・ 925SV (925 Silver): A material commonly used in accessories called “Silver”. ・ K10 (10K gold): 42% of the total is gold. ・ K18 (18K gold): 75% of the total is gold. ************


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