Denim Suit (M)

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addmake 逛设计馆

1~3 日
Denim Suit (M)


★ About Item ★
It is this denim suit that I really wanted to make (since I personally wanted it quite a bit) from the time paint processing was completed on denim.
Although I often see a suit using denim, there is nothing I can definitely come up with and I always want it! I was looking for thought, but I can not find it!
So I was daring to design with addmake and make it.
Firstly from the selection of fabric. I continued looking for 10.5 oz denim with an impression like British punk import.
In Okayama prefecture I found the denim fabric as imaged, I got it quickly, paint the fabric with addmake and after coining, I made it at a cooperative factory where Gifu prefecture suit can be made.
Since the handle changes depending on the place to cut, the pattern matching was very troublesome and I was not able to receive it at first, but I managed to push it gorike.
And I made samples exceptional times, I did not compromise until I was really convinced silhouette, I kept asking. And this suit is made possible.
I wanted to put out a mod type image, so both jackets and pants are slim silhouette. I am using double underpants.
Even a suit is a denim material. I will wear it as I wear it, so I made it tight in anticipation of it.
Everything from design to production is addmake original.

★ Production Time ★
In all processes from planning, the production period takes 4 months.

★ Creator Comment ★
· Suit design (addmake Creator)
· Fabric paint processing (h.nagamiya)
I gained ascension when denim suits were finished. Since I did not have clothes to wear to the scene such as offshore while on, off, I thought that it would be possible to use it in various scenes if the denim material suit, I am really happy.
The ounces of denim also made all samples with 12 ounces, 10.5 ounces, 9 ounces, actually made, wore and studied how much it could be used for all seasons. As a result, I arrived at this.
However, there are many 10.5 ounces of denim, but because the ideal color was not easy, I really had a hard time.
But efforts will always be rewarded! All things that seemed to be completed, all the tiredness ceased in a moment. That's about confidence. Cool is too good.

★ Careful Point ★
We are coating processing so that paint can be maintained in a beautiful state for a while even a little.
Because I wanted to make the color of the denim valuable, we use non-woven fabrics, so shrinkage and discoloration will occur, so we recommend washing with dry cleaning.
In the first dry cleaning, some color change and shrinking to the extent that it feels a little tight are generated, but from the second time the color does not change and the shrink will grow as you wear So please be relieved.

■ Item Spec ■ - - - - - - - - - -
Part number: add-0054-M
Material: Outer fabric = 100% cotton
Lining = polyester 100%
Color: Blue
Size: M
Country of Origin: Japan

[Size details] Unit: cm
Shoulder width 43 Sleeve length 63 Body width 50 Front body 72
Back body 72 Arm hole 24 Cuff width 13
Waist 82 Hip 98 Rise 26.5
Inseam 73 around thigh 53 around hem 33

★ We make basic size specs in men's sizes, but items and designs are all unisex item as we are making it conscious of gender less.

~ · For customers who are considering purchasing · ·
★ Because it is made by handmade, it becomes all one point thing.
★ There is only one in the world.
★ The color of the photo may differ slightly from the actual product. please note that.
★ I inspected again before shipment. There are no defective items, so we can not return or exchange it. please note that.
Production place / Production method
Origin: Japan


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