[Limited] Sakura tassel / pink


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    Always Chain of gallery
    Thank you very much for seeing it.

    [Cherry tree in the fluttering road
    And thought the daughter in the stomach]

    It was prepared in the theme.

    Last spring, to my stomach
    New life had dwells.

    Kick the stomach vigorously and Pokopoko
    A feeling that has grown little by little
    While feeling every day

    "As you come safely born ..."
    With great thought that
    The walk had been in daily routine.

    Its walk course
    Have a lot of cherry blossoms planted along the river
    To [full] road in the spring
    Petals dance beautifully
    It was in full glory.

    While watching such a beautiful scenery
    "I want to see the K properly cherry trees next year."

    While applying to stomach the word
    Walk though was that you'd remember now.

    And the beautiful scenery of that time
    While feeling the feelings of the daughter
    We made this work.

    Such as in the attractions
    Although not a respectable cherry tree
    [Bloomed in to smile warmly]
    We envision the riverside of the cherry tree.

    Tailored to the motif of a small cherry tree
    Matte pearl and
    Gold metal beads
    A very [elegant impression]

    Lambently as fluttering in the wind
    Shakes appearance
    Casual the [cute adult]
    I think that you served with.

    In addition, here in the design
    But it is with a tassel of the epidemic

    That tassel to Sakura
    Because it is [other design not]

    Than just a tassel accessories
    The [cute to go one step ahead]
    Production and guests.

    This design
    And I want to cherish a sense of the season
    So we thought

    [Period limited sale of only spring]
    We believe.

    Customers anxious
    Please buy as soon as possible.

    Also here
    But it is also limited quantities
    [Pattern without tassel] and

    Of different colors of white
    There is also available.

    If the person is very well to be worried about
    In the gallery
    I hope you see (^^)

    Please read until the end
    Thank you very much.
    Thank you for your attention.
    Origin / production method
    Origin: Japan Prepared by: Japanese
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[Limited] Sakura tassel / pink

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