Butter knife stainless steel forge Kaji craftsmen

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Stainless steel striking cutlery series produced by Matsunori Akira Makoto of Matsusaka of Mie Prefecture. Unlike mass-p



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Butter knife stainless steel forge Kaji craftsmen


Stainless steel striking cutlery series produced by Matsunori Akira Makoto of Matsusaka of Mie Prefecture. Unlike mass-produced cutlery, in the work of the so-called blacksmith, we stamp out stainless steel one by one.

Technically it is called forging and heats and heats the metal to make it. Kitchen knives and cutlery, old used as swords or agricultural tools. Depending on the type and combination of metal materials, whether or not to cut with a blade, it becomes various shapes and tools.

Mr. Akahata says,
Blacksmith bread cut knife
Although I was producing the cutlery series, this new cutlery series was added.

It is the same forging technology, but the material is stainless steel. Even the hammer remains, the temperature of the handicraft is also felt by the appearance of the texture, but because it is stainless steel there is no rust, you can use it just like ordinary stainless steel cutlery.

Every single day, simple and basic design that can be used for every meal without strangeness. Features of material, sharpness like metallic appearance, is a little narrow line. Even though it is thin, the handle has thickness, and the weight is balanced.

This butter knife features a thin handle. Although it is a beautiful balance to the appearance, by the balance with the length of the handle, it is easy to hold, it is also easy to adjust the angle of the surface. Butter knife is small size and flat with many patterns but butter knife with different atmosphere again. It is as if you want to leave it on the table as it is.

Materials and materials that can be used without any doubt in daily life while the temperature of handicraft remains. As long as you can use it for a long time, please try the cutlery series of a forge craftsman who will have fun every time you use.

The third piece As shown in the photo, the expression on a point by point basis is different.
The hammer eye, of course, the shape, the color due to heat (silver / black) etc. differ. The length of the handle also differs somewhat. Because we are stretching out stainless steel and making shapes, please acknowledge beforehand.

In Kyoto shop, you can choose from all the stocks, but you can not choose in the purchase with the web. If you have the features of your choice based on the 3rd photo, please let us know when you place an order. As far as possible, we will choose the closest one. Also, if you order more than one, we will choose a combination that can be used together within the stock range.
Depending on the stock situation, it may not be able to respond. Moreover, since returned goods correspondence by such a reason can not be performed, please acknowledge it beforehand.


Total length: about 178 mm
Thickness of handle: about 3 mm
* There are some differences.

Because the material is stainless steel, it is similar to general stainless steel cutlery. There is no particular point of note if it is within the range of general washing and domestic washing.

If there is something unclear, please do not hesitate to contact us.

【Launch cutlery series】
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